Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Terrorist Islamic Republic issues warning to the Iranian people!

*Above Islamist thugs are pictured roaming the streets on the day of the ancient Iranian celebration of "Chaharshanbe Soori" (2006).

The terrorist Islamic Republic occupying Iran is warning Iranians to stay at home during the ancient Iranian fire-festival known as "Chaharshanbe Soori", which marks the last wednesday before the Persian New Year.

Ever since the Islamists running the Islamic Republic hijacked the Iranian nation through a coup d'etat in 1979 they have restlessly tried to replace the Iranian identity, Iranian cultural heritage, and Iranian history with a foreign Islamic identity; examples of this is how the prominent cleric and hanging judge Mullah Khalkhali tried to bulldozer the ancient capital of the Persian Empire - "Persepolis" - but was stopped by valiant citiziens who would not let the Islamists touch their cultural heritage; there were also efforts to ban the ancient Persian New Year and the festivities that mark it, but these efforts where all futile.

Chaharshanbe Soori is an event which has been turned into a massive rejection of the Islamic Republic occupying Iran with Iranians all across the country lighting bon-fires across the country, singing, dancing, and expressing their rejection of the occupational system! The massive participation by the overwhelming majority of the Iranian Nation in these festivities frightens the occupational Islamic regime forcing it to crackdown brutally on those who participate in these celebrations. In past years clashes with Islamists security forces and Iranians have been widespread, but in general the security forces have kept a distance due to the shear massiveness of the crowds.

It is important for foreigners to have in mind that these are not mere celebrations but are also massive instances of resistance against a clerical regime which does not represent Iranians, a regime which oppresses and mercilessly kills Iranians who dare to stand up against it, and a regime which tries to replace any sense of Iranian nationhood with Islamic and Arabic values! Once again the Iranian Nation will rise on this date to show their rejection be it in a symbolic manner, by simply participating in these celebrations, or using this day as a pretext to launch attacks on the regime; whatever happens we need to be aware of the context this is happening and give the attention it deserves.

*In an act of civil disobedience Iranians show their rejection of the system through what might seem like small acts such as removing the imposed Islamic headcovering, dancing, and singing - however these should not be looked upon as small acts as they are punishable by lashes, imprisonment and other Islamic (Sharia Law) punishments.

For previous years' reports regarding Chaharshanbe Soori and clashes between Iranians and Islamist occupational forces please CLICK HERE.


Iran: Those arrested in fire festivities will spend New Year in jail Iran Focus

Tehran, Iran, Feb. 20 – The government has announced that any individual arrested during Iran’s upcoming fire festivities will languish in jail for the entire Persian New Year period which lasts until April 3.

Brigadier General Hossein Sajedi, deputy chief of police in Tehran, announced the decision on Monday. His remarks were carried by the government-owned news agency Fars.

“Those who are arrested by the police on the last Wednesday of the year for creating social disorder will be incarcerated until the end of the New Year holiday period”, General Sajedi said. The Persian New Year which coincides with the arrival of spring is celebrated on March 21.

Despite a massive crackdown to prevent last year’s “fire festival” from turning into scenes of anti-governments protests, many Iranians took to the streets to defy the government ban and celebrate the last Tuesday of the Persian year with a big bang.

During the traditional Persian fire festival, known as ‘chaharshanbeh souri’ – literally, Feast of Wednesday – people jump over bonfires to “drive away evil”. Since the 1979 Islamic Revolution, however, Iran’s theocratic leaders have made strenuous efforts to stamp out the festivities which date back to over 2,500 years ago, but to no avail. In recent years, there have been extensive clashes between festive crowds and the security forces deployed to prevent street celebrations.


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