Sunday, February 18, 2007

Pre-1979 Iran-US relations

I found THIS very interesting website containing transcript of conversations by past U.S. President's and the late Shah of Iran. If you visit THIS website and search for "shah" you will receive a comprehensive list of past transcripts between U.S. Presidents and the late Shah of Iran.

Website: (search for "shah")

And when reading the exchanges between the worst President of the United States Jimmy Carter and His Late Majesty please don't be fooled by his sweet words - it would be only a few months afterwards that he ("Ayatollah Carter") would hail one of the 20th centuries mass-murdering tyrants, an infamous terrorist, (Ayatollah Khomeini) as a "holy man"!

For more info. on this true abomination and disgrace to the United States please see this former entry of mine by clicking HERE.



Anonymous said...

fascinating site. thanks.

Did you hear Batebi had a brain stroke in Evin? check out my blog.

Winston said...

Ayatollah Carter who was a Democrat helped real mullahs seize Iran. Those terrible stuff wouldnt happen in 1979 if a Republican was president of the USA