Friday, February 16, 2007

Tribal Uprisings in Iran continued - 11 Revolutionary Guards killed

Further to my entries regarding what is being reported as Tribal Uprisings in Iran (LINK 1; LINK 2) and the seeming distortion by the western press of these incidents as "Terrorist Attacks" - at least 11 Revolutionary Guardsmen of the terrorist Islamic Republic occupying Iran were killed in an ambush in SouthEastern Iran.

The group which has carried out these attacks against the Islamic Republic was formerly called "Jondollah" which is an arabo-muslim name that translates into something like "God's Army", however as of recent this group has changed its name to "Iranian People Resistance Movement" (persian equivalent: "Nirouhaye Azadibakhshe Mobareze Iran") signaling a nationalist nature and that it is by no means a separatist or fanatic religious organization tied to Al-Qaeda, as claimed by the Islamic Republic. I'm glad this group has changed its name from an arabo-muslim name to a persian name and that it has successfully exterminated at least 11 members of the Islamic Republic's hated Revolutionary Guards. I listened to an interview with this organizations leader - AbdolMalek Rigi- broadcasted on an Iranian opposition radio network (KRSI) months back and this individual came across as a common man who has suffered (along with the ethnic group he represents- the Balouch people of Iran) great injustices at the hands of this barbaric Islamic regime and which sees no other means but violent resistance against the Islamic Republic to be left.

An Iranian compatriot has translated a communique by this group in regards to the latest attacks which I shall proceed to post below. The original persian version can be found here:

The Iranian People Resistance Movement has issued the following communiqué regarding the February 14th 2007 successful operation against the Islamic Regime Revolutionary Guards in the city of Zahedan:

The Resistance declares that the successful Egthedar-2 operations will be followed by Eghtedar-3 in a wider theater of operations and will target other centers of oppression all across Iran.

The Resistance condemns torture, murder and execution of its members by the Islamic Republic regime. Many have been imprisoned and executed without trial.

The Resistance leader, Mr. Abdolmalek Baluch stressed that while Iranian People Resistance Movement believes in peaceful resistance, its demands for equal rights for all Iranian natives and religious minorities have gone unanswered and the regime has resorted to the most barbaric forms of torture and executions. The Resistance, therefore, has no other recourse than to counter the regime militarily.

The world should know that the terrorist Islamic Republic regime has treated the natives of Baluchistan with utmost cruelty and has denied their basic rights. Tribal people are imprisoned and tortured for no reason, other than to terrorize and oppress.

The Iranian People Resistance Movement has no relationships with smugglers, Taliban or Al-Qaida and is a member of the joint tribal resistance, also consisting of Lor, Bakhtiari and Qashqai tribes.

Our demands are rational and legal. Our basic demands are regime observation and respect for our rights and religious freedoms as declared by the UN Human Rights Charter.



Anonymous said...

Awesome post. I'm glad they changed their name too.

Anonymous said...

second bombing in three days in Zahedan:

The IRI lies again and blames Al-quda.