Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Without ANY shame!!!

Well just recently I viewed and read some really BLOOD-BOILING material by three shameless ENEMY's of the Iranian Nation! How someone can have the audacity to belittle the Iranian Nation and defend its oppressors in such a manner is really beyond me - how they can be so shameless is beyond me. These low-life individuals would sell their mothers just to make a profit. They've sold their souls to the devil and will pay for it.

They are:

SIAMAK ZAND - CBS / Sky News producer in Tehran; Islamic Republic's mouthpiece on western media stations - denies gross human rights by the Islamists and promotes a democratic picture of the terrorists occupying Iran.

KAVEH L. AFRASIABI - "Political Analyst" a.k.a "Political Prostitute" and Associate/Friend of the terrorist Islamic Republic's former President, Mullah Khatami!

HOSSEIN DERAKHSHAN - Idiot Blogger and Crypto-Islamist Supporter who'se become a darling to the leftist media! He's compared Iranian freedom activists to Guantanamo Bay TERRORISTS on his blog! He's also referred to some of the most radical elements of the Islamic Republic who have Iranian blood on their hands as "reformists"! He's a useful idiot that the Mullah's use from time to time!

Why has my blood come to boil because of these three SCUM in the past 48 hrs (besides the above-mentioned FACTS)! Just have a look at the below links:

Siamak Zand (VOA Interview):

Windows Media Player:

Kaveh L. ("Lajan") Afrasiabi (CNN Interview):

Haj-Agha Hossein Derakhshan:

I don't have much more to add than what is self-evident in the links i've posted!



Anonymous said...

they are islamic garbages

Winston said...

I wonder what we can do to stop them or bring these freaking criminals to justice...

Anonymous said...

These scum bags make me sick to my stomach. The most dangerous one is Afrasiabi whos already been sued by Harvard. I hate this guy.

Anonymous said...

Here is another moron pimping for IRI:

Who is this guy? Is he on the IRI's payroll?

Simon Tisdall:
..“US and Iran have many common interests in Iraq. Tehran, like Washington, is keenly interested in avoiding a civil war and sustaining Iraq as a unitary state ... An Iraqi-Iranian-American dialogue could eventually provide a foundation for new security architecture in the Gulf," they said.

These new structures might include mutual security guarantees, enhanced regional cooperation and arms control pacts and could provide the impetus for an historic settlement of the Arab-Israel conflict. That in turn would help stabilise fragile regimes from Cairo to Riyadh to Kabul while assuaging the west’s terrorism and proliferation concerns... worldb...1930453,00.html
Didn't we do that with NK? Didn't we offer them a Grand Bargain Via Clinton and Carter? Where did that get us? NK has gone nuclear.

Dangerous Diplomacy
By Daniel Mandel 307...77.html#comment

Anonymous said...

Many thanks for bringing this up. Zand is nothing more than a political whore.

May the day come when I personaly hang this asshole.

Aryamehr said...

Dear Winston:

What we have a duty to do is EXPOSE them. I saw the other day a clip on youtube where Islam was being EXPOSED on U.S. National Television for its bloody past and savage teachings. We just have to continue and if we have access to MSM we have to try and influence them - otherwise we have to keep on pushing the MSM to expose these bastards. Control of the main stream media (MSM) is key in our struggle. We also need to keep our compatriots in the know of who each and every one of these Islamist collaborators are so that they do not fall in their traps.

In fact if VOA hadn't showed that Zandi bastard i'd never have known anything about him - so in a sense it's a good thing that VOA decided to put him on air ALONGSIDE a patriot like Mr Azari to counter his lies. Now we know his name and enough evidence of his loyalty to the oppressors of the Iranian Nation; the wrath of the Iranian people will be what he'll be faced with one day.


The Islamic Republic is a terrorist and anti-Iranian regime desperately trying to survive - the ball is in the court of the People of Iran to finish them off.

Winston said...