Sunday, October 15, 2006

Civil Disobedience!

For each day that passes...

  • The terrorist Islamic Republic get closer to aquiring a nuclear bomb
  • Innocent Iranian freedom-fighters are executed by the Islamic Republic
  • Innocent Iranians are beaten, tortured and kept in solitary confinement in the Islamic Republic's prisons
  • terrorist organizations across the globe are benefiting of the Iranian Nation's money to fund their activities
  • An Iranian takes his/her life because of the unbearable atmosphere the Islamic Republic has created; be it social/economical
  • Iranian cultural heritage sites are being destroyed and/or neglected by the occupational Islamic regime
  • Iranian women continue to live as sub-humans who have to follow orders from the Muslim Clergy
  • Iranian children are denied a bright future in their own homeland
  • And a thousand other "bad-bakhti's" (unbearable conditions, sufferings...)
The Iranian Nation has three ways to free themselves from this misery and save their country from further destruction:

  1. Peaceful Civil Disobedience
  2. Violent Disobedience
  3. A combination of the two above
Personally I believe in the third choice as being the one that can once and for all eliminate this occupational force that has hijacked our country for 27 years. I believe in the third option because we should always have that option of violent disobedience to protect ourselves if we are faced with such a situation that requires it, we need to be prepared for all eventualities, but in general if civil disobedience is implemented correctly the chance of the blood of our compatriots being spilled will be reduced greatly.

The Iranian opposition (abroad) needs to form its Central Command with immedieate effect! It has been 27 years now that infighting between 1001 different groups has been going on but ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! During these 27 years Over a million Iranians have lost their lives at the hands of the Islamic Republic. An 8 year long war, executions, torture, and oppression is what the Islamic Republic has brought upon this nation during the past 27 years and believe me they will continue down this path if given the chance! The democratic Iranian opposition abroad needs to unite and form an Overthrow Committee or Transitional Government in exile.

I think the Crown Prince of Iran, would serve as a unifiying figure in this council/government in exile and can contribute immensly towards this cause ; which he himself has worked tirelessly on in bringing the democratic opposition groups together under one roof. This council/transitional government will fill the administrative gap once the Islamic Republic has been eliminated. It will also help coordinate opposition activity outside the country (media campaigns, demonstrations etc). The council also needs to have representatives inside Iran who can be in direct contact with leaders in various sectors and help coordinate activities. We need not one or two leaders but hundreds across the country! This will ensure the success of our goals.

On the issue of leadership. The Iranian Nation needs leaders. Iranian society is not that developed yet for them to consider themselves individually as leaders. They need leaders to take the initiative, the first step, and to give them courage, and guide them. They need leaders to rally them to the "battlefield".

I think it's imperative for us to have leaders ready to take the first step in each sector of society (economic, social, political, & military) - these are the people who will initiate the change and whose actions will encourage people to follow.

These leaders need to conduct acts of civil disobedience (which will raise dissatisfaction and lead to the "final eruption") such as cutting electricity to homes, teachers and professors not showing up to their respective institutions, writing revolutionary slogans on walls, distributing pamphlets (etc), boycotting the regime fully, and constantly staying in communication with each other "spreading the word". As these kind of activities progress, labour unions, teachers unions etc will have already coordinated with each other to stage mass-demonstrations which much be coordinated across the country. It's these mass-demonstrations that will cripple the Islamic Republic forever (especially with the oil industry following suit) and which will empower the military to join the Iranian Nation. It's also important for the leaders in each of these sectors to prepare those "under them", if you will, to be informed, aware, and organized when time comes for them to initiate the process of regime-change and overthrow of the Islamic Republic; this is key along with the overall coordination and organization between the various sectors ACROSS the country when the time is ripe!

In light of all this the Islamist regime will try to infiltrate the command & control and leadership of this national movement. It is up to those responsible inside the country to see to it that their efforts are not successful. The more "leaders" we have across the Iranian society the more difficult it will be for the Islamists to try and infiltrate all these resistance cells. Iranians inside Iran really need to start thinking about this and planning. You cannot go on like this. You cannot let your country be reduced to ashes because of these Islamists! You cannot take away the future of our children by staying idle. You have to ACT!



Anonymous said...

Khamenei Brandishes a Kalashnikov at US and Israel

These idiots pushing Iran toward nuclear annihilation. The idiot thinks the US is afraid of their flying boats or papati arab terrorist cells. They've mistaken US restraint with weakness. They are badly mistaken.

Anonymous said...

The sad irony is that if it weren't for the technological and industrial advancement of Western cultures to extract and refine the oil and create and develop markets, industries and innovation for oil related services and products, countries like Iran and Saudi Arabia will only be depositing camel and donkey excrement on top of their oil fields and the population would be dirt poor.

Anonymous said...

Aryamehr Jan: A bit off topic: Have your read Dabashi's idiotic tirade against Azar Nafisi? Who is this guy? I for one would like one these ME Leftist/liberal pundist who hate Western Imperialism to write about the insidious "Islamic Imperialism and colonization of land, Soul, and Mind" of the greater ME region not only in form of land grab but in cultural genocide and ethnic cleansing of Parsis and of every country and culture they invaded and compare it to Western colonization

To this day, this pathological effect of Islamic Colonization and Imperialism has plagued the region with absolutely rendering logic, reasoning ability, and individual decision making and being masters of one's own fate, completely irrelevant and paralyzed. And no other colonial power has been
able to overcome this previous debilitating Islamic colonization of body and spirit. This is also to debunk victim hood promoting useful idiots like Franz Fanon and Said.
Islam is basically an instruction manual on manipulating human behavior (behavior modification of sort a la Skinner) to manufacture consent a la Chomsky (Chomsky and American neo-cons are 1400 years behind manufacturing consent methods used by the mullahs to convince human being against his or her own pre-wired and genetic programming of survival instincts to become martyrs and recruit suicide brigades in one or two sessions of religious Sermon…Talk about manufacturing consent) among the masses and to render their brain and reasoning ability irrelevant and disabled so they can be used as unthinking and unquestioning tools of blind subjugation of fear to fill their mosques and pockets and to prefer death over life.

Islam being wrapped in deception as a spiritual dogma or religion or ideology is more dangerous than Nazism, Communisms, and Fascism of any other kind.
Because unlike non-religious dogmas and other totalitarian systems, the emotional and the so-called spiritual appeal of this fanaticism (infidel vs. ummah, God’s Devine Agents and rulers on earth, blind faith to authoritarian clergy and their dogma) is pervasive and a potent and a dangerous brew that lasts centuries (as we have seen) and we see the end results in every Muslim country. And that is precisely why no other power good or bad has been able to penetrate this pestilence brought about by a bunch of Bedouins.

Iran and all other "Arab" states - including Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, Tunisia, and Algeria, as well as the entity under the Palestinian Authority - were originally non-Arab nations that were conquered by the Muslim Arabs when they spread out from the Arabian peninsula in the first great wave of jihad in the 7th century, defeating, killing, enslaving, dispossessing, converting, or reducing to the lowly status of dhimmitude millions of Christians and Jews, Zoroastrian exodus to India, and destroying their language (Phoenicians in Lebanon didn't speak Arabic)(Iran is the only country that was able to sustain its own language thanks to
our brave poet, Ferdowsi) ancient and flourishing civilizations.
Prior to being Christian, of course, these lands had even more ancient histories. Phraonic Egypt, for example, was not an Arab country through its 3,000-year history.

We need to work on Islamic de-colonization of mind and souls and identify the devastating Pathological affect of this totalitarian ideology a la poor Tamilian Victim-raising Fanon-- which calls for extermination of everything non-Islamic and consider itself absolute truth before we can even have the ability to overcome and recognize any future attempts at colonization by the West (reform movement in Iran being a concoction of the American Left).

Who benefits from this arbitrary division of the West and the East. The East was like the West before Islam. Christianity is an Eastern religion. so is Jeudism. Westerners are human beings with the exact same DNA. Their cultures up until 500 years ago (e.g., victorian era) was pretty much like the Islamic culture. Woman had no rights and the sexual liberation only started in the 60's. The social interactions were pretty much like the easterners. Divorce for men and women were taboos and even today in some families is frowned upon. Woman could not own property but for god sake that was 300 years ago...

In some respects, the Americans and the Westerners are more religous and god fearing than me one family in Iran who will adopt a disabled or a mentally challenged kid? Never in a million year. But in the West some families actually look for these types of children and they see it as a blessing from God. Most easterners value money and status over the content of one's mind and goodness and they don't judge you because you don't have a certain car or certain house. Who is more judgemental in this regard, the easterners or westerns?

Genetically speaking we are all related. The concept of race is purely cultural. Genetic mapping and studies have prove that. (Journey of man is a good book in mapping our genetichistory). This manufactured division by the corrupt clergies is nothing but a ruse to deceive people in the ME to keep the poor in the ME ignorant and humiliated and as victims.

Here are some useful resources, which I’m sure the content of which you’re
Familiar with.

Islamic Imperialism

History of Islam in Christian Land

Anonymous said...

...Historical precedent aside, the present Shiite Iran is home to over 300,000 mullahs. The most descriptive term for mullah is "parasite." A mullah begins his career as a parasite, lives as a parasite and dies as a parasite, simply because he contributes absolutely nothing to the necessities of life, yet gobbles disproportionately more of whatever resources he can grab.

As a true parasite, a mullah's very survival depends on others. It is critical for a mullah to procure and maintain a docile obedient host. A flock of gullible, ignorant fanatics makes an excellent host and the mullah's main task is to keep the sheep in their pen, by hook or crook. They scare the flock by horror stories of hell and entice them by the promise of unimaginable glorious paradise if, and only if, they behave and keep on supplying the mullah with milk, wool and meat.

Please read this report and tell me if Iran is ready for civil disobedience? These poor people in Iran are the real people we need to win hearts and minds of. But I don't know how?

Aryamehr said...

Hi Anon!

Thanks for bringing that article up. It's an excellent article that all should read; this is not stuff that the Main Stream Media would like to report to you! their interests lie in defending Islam falsefully as a peaceful religion!

The thing with the "cattle" (poor people) is that they will follow anything/anyone. They are members of "Heze Baad" or "Party of Wind". What we need to focus on specifically is to bring out one-two million people in 3-4 cities across Iran, to take the initiative, and the cattle will follow! I promise! If it's all well organized and coordinated it will happen.

In 1979 the Islamists abused the "backwardedness" of the villagers and bused them in to Tehran to participate in their anti-regime demonstrations. They had been fed tremendous amount of anti-Pahlavi propaganda.

The "cattle" are not a group which we can "fix" or educate from abroad - they are a segment of society which needs to be taken care of by a responsible government.

I do believe that Iran is ready for civil disobedience and that it has been ongoing, well ever since the Islamic takeover, but with more effort since the 1999 student uprising. All it takes is effort on all of us who would like to see this through to make it happen.

Anonymous said...

Aryamehr Jan:

Thanks. I feel better after you reminding me that the cattle belongs to the Hezbe bad. I think you're right. They can easily be bought. How sad.

Anonymous said...

Check out these post in Washington Post:

Anonymous said...

Dear Arya:

I remember a while ago you posted an article regarding Islam's pagan roots and a Persian Prince who actually wrote the quran. Do you remember what month or the name of the Prince who wrote that bizzaro holy book? Thank you so much.

Aryamehr said...

Dear Anon,

In regards to the pagan roots of "allah the moon god" i think you're refering to this entry:

As for the Prince (!) who betrayed his EMPIRE/KING/SOIL/PEOPLE, you name it, and helped the Arabs in their invasion of the Persian Empire his name is "Salman Farsi" (may he burn in hell)!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Aryamher. Indeed, may he his descendents burn in hell forever...

Anonymous said...

One of the best American blogs about Iranian issues:

Anonymous said...

Disobedience in any form will not bear any fruit and will result in addition to Iranians already overwhelming misery unless there is Unity, Leadership with Clear goal and a solid Plan. My question is who will lead the Nation if mullahs are ousted today? I strongly believe WE must concentrate on leadership then opposition. There is not a Person willing to step fwd so Iranians could unite around.


Ali Mostofi said...

Well you finally agreed with me. How long did it take. Well done. Now spread the word everyone. The power of non violence is in words and superior morality.

Aryamehr said...

Well Ali-jaan,

I don't quite agree with you as you believe in a "Pyjamas Movement" while I believe in a mix of peaceful and violent disobedience as I put in my entry. It would be great if we could overthrow this barbaric regime through peaceful means but the repressive environment in Iran and mentality of Iranians would I fear not allow for it...

Ali Mostofi said...

That is why we need to work on the more fundamental problem. The people of Iran have to think and learn just like Cyrus was taught as is stated by Xenophon. The people of Iran need to reignite the old passive force that absorbs the anger of the aggessor, as Gandhi taught the Indians. We all should teach the Iranians to forget the eye for an eye attitude before we all go blind. We are more intelligent and take any vahshi with our resolve not to create bloodshed. That is what Iran wants. And that is what you must educate others.

Aryamehr said...

"That is why we need to work on the more fundamental problem. The people of Iran have to think and learn just like Cyrus was taught as is stated by Xenophon."

Indeed they do but we cannot teach 60 million "gaav o gusfand" how to live like a "nobleman" thousands of miles away from the motherland! Internet/Media does not reach those who need urgently need this knowledge. It is up to a responsible Iranian government to undergo this cultural revoltuion - until then we MUST do all in our power to overthrow this savage anti-Iranian Islamic Republic; there is no other choice. I've outlined the choices WE the people have - then of course there are outside forces who can step in and decide to take action on behalf of their own national interests.

Ali Mostofi said...

Well I do not share your view of Iranians as "Gav of Goosfand". All Iranians are knowledgeable enough to appreciate what I am saying. Quite frankly that comment has a touch of arrogance. You can do better than that.