Monday, October 23, 2006

This week in the land occupied by mullah's...

Once called the Land of King's...once the land of Aryans...once the land of Noblemen...once the land of Iranians...has today been reduced to "Land of Mullah's and Terrorists" in the span of 27 years?!?!

President AN of the Islamic Republic occupying Iran has ordered Iranians to make more babies that can be indoctrinated into Islamic ideals and eventually become good terrorists! This is a land where the Mullah's own parliamentarians say that:

"90 percent of the population are living under the poverty line and only ten percent of the people have access to social services provided by the government" - Islamic Republic's parliamentarian from Urumiyeh (northwest Iran); Mohammad Abbaspour [CLICK HERE for full article]

Whilst the Islamic Republic's own public servants put the number of people living UNDER the poverty line at 90%, the United States' CIA's figure stand ONLY at 40%!

Official unemployment figures by the Islamic Republic stand at around 13% with the CIA's figure being 11.4%. Unofficial figures which in this case would be much more reliable are more than double that figure!

Unemployment figures for the age-group 15-29 stand at anything between 31% to over 50%!!!

CIA figures on inflation in Iran stand at 13.5% when again that figure is most likely much higher!

A report by the United Nations has found that Iran has the highest drug addiction rate in the world. “According to the U.N. World Drug Report for 2005, Iran has the highest proportion of opiate addicts in the world -- 2.8 percent of the population over age 15”! Official estimates of drug-addiction in Iran by the Islamic Republic's officials range from 4-11 million of a total population of 68 million! That's 6-16% of the total population being drug-addicts! And the Islamic Republic continues to distribute drugs amongst the Iranian populace at ridiculously low prices, especially amongst the youth - so as to keep them from posing any threat to their savage regime.

With prostitution estimates ranging from the hundreds of thousands to figures in the millions (!) and Iranian women being sold as sex-slaves in Arab sheikhdoms!

2 out 3 teens in Iran suffer from depression! Which in many cases have led to suicide!

Homeless figures probably lie in the millions if only in Tehran there are 300,000 homeless WOMEN!

You cannot turn a blind eye to what is happening in Iran! You cannot reduce Iran to your yearly trips to NORTHERN TEHRAN (rich area) where you spend your DOLLARS/POUNDS/EUROS...!!!

With the above-mentioned disasterous situation amongst a wider catastrophic environment in Iran this ape-like creature - President AN - has come and asked Iranians for a 50 million increase in the population to "dominate the enemies"!!! Does he want 50 million more drug-addicts!? prostitutes?! unemployed?! backward Islamists?! because these are seemingly the only kind of result the Islamic Republic can achieve!

These incompetent and viciously anti-Iranian Mullah's and Islamists have already reduced Iran to a country where poverty, unemployment, drug-addiction, prostitution and a hundred other social ills are prevalent and now he wants to increase the population by 50 million - who will grow up in the backward environment of the Islamic Republic and be denied a bright future!

If you are Iranian and have one bit of honor, dignity, sense of patriotism left in you, get your act together and put petty differences aside! Today we have to stand united against this barbaric Islamic regime that is destroying our country and society! We have to stand united against this enemy force and lead the nation towards a national referendum.



Anonymous said...

These statstics are indeed disturbing and tragic. I think he wants to have a fresh supply of Imam Mahdi's soldiers once the already existing supply becomes martyred or a suicidee. He is asking his base (the poor and the destitude) to sacrifice their children once again to the alter of Islamic devils.

Anonymous said...

the thug-in-chief might as well issue a plastic ke "made in China" a la Khomeini with the birth of each martyr to fulfill his messianic Armageodon.

Anonymous said...

What's 6-16%???