Sunday, October 29, 2006

Mr Siamak Zand when will the lies end!?

A few days ago I was very upset after having viewed clips by 3 shameless men who dare call themselves Iranians. One of those were Siamak Zand; CBS / Sky News producer in Tehran!

A link to that entry can be found by clicking HERE.

Well Mr Zand must have been quite worried about his performance during his VOA interview, that he decided to see if there had been any negative reaction to it on the net. This search probably lead him to my blog; and today I received an email from him which of all the condemnation this man has received only included these few lines:

The Tzarist regime of Russia was overthrown in 1918 and Bolshevisim and communism took over.The Tzarists and white Russians fled into exile in the hope of returning one day.The Soviet union collapsed in the early 1990s and those who fled were still waiting.but Aghaye Ariamehr all I want to inform you is that the Monarchy in Iran is dead and gone find yourself another political cause to Champion.
Siamak Zand

This is all this shameless man has been able to respond with to all the condemnations he's received!

I could care less what Mr Zand has to say about Monarchy! Afterall this is a man who betrayed the Iranian Monarchy and the motherland with his false propaganda against government officials of Imperial Iran, judging from what Mr Azari disclosed in the VOA round table programme (follow this LINK to view the interview in persian). What Iranians like me outside Iran and the millions of Iranians who are living underneath the terrorist Islamic Republic are condemning this man for is not whether he believes Monarchy has a future or not in Iran, he can keep that opinion to himself because I could care less for his opinion on that, but the condemnation has to do with him lying before our nation and defending the Islamist Republic and its reign of terror by trying to whitewash the terrorist regime's crimes against humanity!

This is a man who tried to portray STONING as not such a big deal! Mr Zand! Do you have any shame left in your body?!

The condemnation of this man, if you can call him that (!), has to do with how on earth he could be so shameless to defend the Islamic Republic's well-known and well-documented human rights violations by saying it has all been blown out of proportion! No man with one drop of Iranian blood would dare defend these anti-Iranian oppressors who killed an innocent Canadian-Iranian journalist who was trying to document a demonstration outside the infamous Evin Prison in Tehran! Mr Zand (!) have in mind that Mrs Kazemi was a TRUE journalist who lost her life trying to document the TRUE story UNLIKE YOURSELF who would rather appease the Mullah's and act as their mouthpiece!
She wasn't killed in any kind of fashion either - she was killed in an Islamic way! She was first tortured and then raped - so as to ensure she wouldn't enter "heaven"! I'm sure this HONORABLE IRANIAN WOMAN wouldn't have wanted to enter that Islamic hell for a "heaven"! A heaven where women are treated as subhumans who cannot make decisions by themselves is no place for a freedom-loving SHIRZANE IRANI! Mr Zand! an Iranian doctor who examined Mrs Zahra Kazemi had a press conference on the state of Mrs Kazemi's body when he examined her! Do we really need to go back and list the horrific account of Dr Shahram Azam!?

Where have you been Mr Zand! Mr Zand, what kind of journalist are you!? Have you left your duties for having a cup of tea with your Mullah hosts while Iranians, especially freedom-loving Iranian students, are rotting in the Islamic Republic's OVERCROWDED prisons!? Where has your honor gone!? If our country is not in such a miserable shape because of people like YOU then why!? If we had people with honor, dignity, and loyalty to the motherland would we be in such a shameful position as we are today! NEVER!

This was my reply to Mr Zand's letter:

Mr Zand,

That you have the audacity to come on a tv-program and defend the Iranian peoples' oppressors! This can only be done by a person with no dignity, honor and who's sold his soul to the devil. You are a living testimony to such a person Mr Zand.

Do not bring Monarchy into this as the problem is with you and your masters in the Islamic Republic. Monarchy is a very viable option for Iran but it does not need treasonous individuals like yourself as its proponents. You are the generation who betrayed Iran and our King; history has reserved a well-deserved place for you.

It was people like you who turned over Iran to these anti-Iranian bastards, and who backstabbed the late Shah of Iran like the true two-faced "individuals" that you are. Mr Zand it was traitors like you who have made the life of 70% of the Iranian population a living hell and stole them the bright future which the Imperial Government of Iran had planned for them. Mr Zand it was traitors like you who two weeks before the Islamist Revolt where shouting "Javid Shah" and who like the two-faced chameleons that you are switched and praised the Islamist fundamentalists!

How you dare get on a show watched by millions of Iranians and defend their oppressors is very disturbing. I'm sure you can understand the feelings of people who sat and watched you on VOA the other day, lying without any shame before millions of people. There's an Iranian _expression that goes "khar khodeti" Mr Zand.
Mr Zand, tell me this, what is the difference between you and the despicable Mullah Khalkhali? Mullah Khatami? Mullah Shahroudi? ... Rest assured that the Iranian Nation will inform you of the difference in due time.

One day you'll have to stand answerable for your actions before the Iranian Nation Mr Zand. One day you will have to look into the eyes of those who suffered during your Islamic Republic and answer them.

I'm looking forward to that day when you will stand answerable for your actions and when justice shall prevail.
I'm looking forward to the day when your Islamist protectors (i.e. Islamic Republic) no longer stand behind you.

Until that day, keep on profiting of the Iranian Nation's misery like the shameless person you are.


And once again this man has made my blood come to boil. Can someone please explain to me how you can be so shameless? Not in front of me or the participants on the VOA round table but towards 70 million Iranians who live under torture and oppression in Iran!? Someone please explain if the circumstances are any different than what i've stated above.

BTW these links are for Mr Zand regarding Zahra Kazemi's torture and rape before execution by the Islamic Republic's OFFICIALS, not that he doesn't know the truth (!) but just as a REMINDER:

Canadian tortured for days, says Iranian doctor


Zahra Kazemi



Anonymous said...

Dear Aryamehr:

I'm sorry you had to deal with this thug.

He is clearly a callous, self-serving miscreant ,antagonistic, pompous, hollow shell of a man, deeply disturbed and opportunistic sociopatheic vermin who stands for nothing except profit.

He has no principles or ethics and he has no conscience to feel any guilt or shame.

Sociopathy is chiefly characterized by something wrong with the person's conscience. They either don't have one, it's full of holes like Swiss cheese, or they are somehow able to completely neutralize or negate any sense of conscience or future time perspective.

Sociopaths only care about fulfilling their own needs and desires - selfishness and egocentricity to the extreme.

Everything and everybody else is mentally twisted around in their minds as objects to be used in fulfilling their own needs and desires.

They often believe they are doing something good for society, or at least nothing that bad. They achieve their success by socially unacceptable means and at the expense of the community and its citizens.

They deal with conflicting evidence, by selective perception, compartmentalising, rationalising, by attacking its credibility, or by demonising the messenger.

They are more likely to develop patterns of thought which allow them to indulge in criminal activity or to disregard the interests of others. They can be very successful entrepreneurs.

They surround themselves with admirers. When a group identifies with dysfunctional ideas and adopts these patterns of thinking then they reinforce each other.

Well, all the above applies not just to Mr. Zand but to all those who rule the Medieval Republic of Oppression. Justice will prevail, I have no doubt.

Anonymous said...

What a moron.

You did a good job!

Aryamehr said...

Thanks Anon, or is it Amir?

Aryamehr said...

Winston, we need to expose each one of these mouthpieces of the terrorist Islamic Republic wherever we might find them, otherwise they won't hesitate to continue propagating their master's agenda.

The least we would be able to achieve is for them to feel a little bit of shame (if there is any bit of shame left in them!) but what we should aim for is for them to be exposed internationally - not just amongst a group of activists.

Anonymous said...

NO, it's not Amir. But you're right I used Amir's (offside) characterization of the IRI as the medieval republic. I think I have his permission...LOL

Aryamehr said...

=) right. who may you be then?? =)

i think you should be able to get user-names even if you don't want to create a blog (which you should even if it's the most basic kind!).

blank said...

Most excellent. In fact, I think I like the blog. I'll have stop back.

Winston said...

That I agree very much. These vermins are every where

Aryamehr said...

Nice to have you here Roxie! and i'm glad you like the blog.

Anonymous said...

Dear Aryamehr: I've been posting comments on your blog for several months now. Sometimes I use the user name Red Violin. I don't want to have a blog because it's too exhausting emotionally. I also introduced to the blog by my friend Alexandra.

Anonymous said...

Happy Haloween Arayamehr jan:

Carve your pumpkin online:

AKA: Red Violin

Anonymous said...

Aryamehr Jan:

Happy Halloween.

Please front page this and let the world know what cry babies moslems are:

"...The United Kingdom census of 2001 for the first time looked at the nation’s religious background. The findings showed that Muslims make up 2.8% of the UK population. Hindus 1%, Sikhs 0.6, Buddhists and Jews both make up 0.5% of the UK population. 31% of Muslims of working age have no qualifications, the highest of any religious group. As in many countries owing your own home is a major achievement and financial responsibility. 82% of Sikhs followed by 78% of Jews own their own home in the UK . Only 52% of Muslims own their own home, the lowest of any religious group. 14% of Muslims are unemployed, compared to 8% of Sikhs and 6% of Hindus. The underachievement of Muslims is even more bleak when you examine where most Muslims, Hindus, Sikhs and Buddhist in the UK come from. 75% of Muslims, 97% of Hindus, 98 % of Sikhs and 69% of Buddhists in the UK are from or have ancestral links to South Asia .

Therefore any cultural factors can be largely ruled out when comparing the achievement of Muslims with people from other religious groups. Muslims complain that they have to overcome language difficulties and face discrimination in the UK and state this as a factor in there poor performance. Buddhists, Hindus and Sikhs face the same language and discrimination issues as Muslims, yet their achievements and performance is much better than Muslims.

The underachievement of Muslims should come as no surprise to those of us who understand the true nature of Islam. Everything a Muslim needs to know is in the Koran, Hadith or Sunnah. Muslims are not encouraged to seek knowledge and better themselves. Muslims are against progress, modernity and science. Those that control Islam do not want to see Muslims educated as an educated Muslim will apply commonsense and logic to the Koran and see it for what its is, a collection of distorted Bible and Torah stories and in print the mind of a 7th century Bedouin bandit leader