Thursday, October 26, 2006

Zaadrooze Shahhanshah Aryamehr - 4 Aban 2565 - 26 Oct 2006

HIM Shahanshah Aryamehr's Birthday

Born: October 26th, 1919, Tehran
Alahazrat Homayoun, Bozorg Artesh Daran, Shahe Shahan, Shahanshah Aryamehr, Mohamad Reza Shah-e Pahlavi, Shah of Iran, Pahlavi II

This great patriot of Iran was born 87 years ago on this date. Throughout his his life he was able to continue in his father's footsteps in bringing Iran out of 1400 years of ignorance, misery, and foreign influence.

The two principal forces in Iran who did not desire to see a strong and nationalistic Iran were the backward Arabo-Muslim clergy who had kept this nation in backwardedness and ignorance ever since their Arab ancestors' destructive occupation of the Persian Empire, and the Soviet-backed communist forces. The parasites of our society, the mullah's, knew that they where loosing foothold and influence in the country they had been able to literally rape of its dignity for the past 1400 years and fearing that their business (Islam) was being threatened began organizing to hinder this nationalist and progressive movement led by the King of Iran. At the same time the communists where busy trying to sell their country to their masters in the Soviet Union, taking on violent opposition to the Iranian Imperial Government. And on the other side of the coin we had major western powers who had no interest in seeing an strong, independent, nationalist, progressive, and prosperous Iran - which ran counter to their objectives and national interests - who were busy plotting against the Iranian Government as we saw in 1979.

One really needs to put things into perspective and realize what an enormous task the Pahlavi Dynasty had before them and in trying to keep the country from falling into the hands of the above-mentioned forces!
In 1979, Iran, under tremendous pressure, fell before the forces of Red and Black, which the Shah had warned the nation of, and shortly thereafter the forces of Black (Muslim clergy) usurped all power and began their rule of terror. See one part of foreign powers' involvement in the success of the 1979 revolt by clicking HERE.

Some of the social and economical achievements during Shahanshah Aryamehr's reign were:
  • Women were granted the right to vote
  • Women were granted the right to run for any elected office in the country
  • Extensive land reforms (see "White Revolution" of the Shahanshah)
  • Greatly reducing illiteracy
  • Creation of middle class
  • Creation of an economical and military power in Eurasia/Middle East
  • Defending Iran's territorial integrity from enemy forces (liberation of Azerbaijan; see "Iranian Azerbaijan")
  • Creation of the "Literacy Corps" to serve villagers across Iran even in the most isolated parts of the country

Please visit: for more information regarding the achievements of the Pahlavi Era.

Click HERE for more pictures of Shahanshah Aryamehr.

This Great man dedicated his life to serving Iran. He gave his everything to you and to restore Iran's rightful place in the world of nation's after so many years of backwardedness! Now my question to you so-called Iranians who are 45+ of age is (those whom i'm addressing know exactly who you are): How did you show your appreciation to your King and country? How did you show your appreciation of Iranian culture and values? I won't list the answers to these questions here because it truly is an unforgivable shame that has been clearly present for 27 years now - bestowed upon our nation and people of my generation.
Are you aware of what you've done to an entire nation? Are you aware of how some people look upon you as worthless traitors to the motherland and wish all the ills in the world upon you?!

Shahanshah, history can be very cruel, unjust, and even treacherous. You were witness to this in 1979. Those ungrateful and treacherous people who destroyed our country in 1979 changed the course of our history - we were on our way towards the "Golden Civilization" under your leadership, today these anti-Iranian Arabo-Muslims that have occupied our nation are leading this country towards darkness and destruction; and they've achieved great strides in this endevour in the span of 27 years!

Shahanshah, despite all of this I do have hope. I have hope in my own generation whose hands are clean of blood and treason! I have faith in the 70% of our nation whose hands are clean of the blood and treason that took place in 1979. I have faith that this generation can wipe away this mark of shame in our history. I have hope that this generation will undo past mistakes. I have hope that our nation can once again be put on that path towards the "Golden Civilization" which you dreamt of and which we were marching towards.

Today I pay tribute to your Imperial Highness for all good that you did for our motherland despite the hardships which Iran faced during your leadership. Today we rejoice knowing that a Great and patriotic Iranian was born on this day. Today the Iranian Nation celebrates HIM Shahanshah Aryamehr's birthdate.


Zaadrooze Shahanshah ro be hameye shoma hamihanane gerami shaadbash migooyam!



Aryamehr said...

Today I rejoice, with tears in my eyes, the marking of this Great Iranian Patriot's birth-date; and thank HIM for his service to his nation.

Shahanshah, your path is our path.

Anonymous said...

Great tribute to a great man. Thank you for all the links.

Anonymous said...

You know what's so tragic is that the late Shah made these monsters like Afrasiabi, Dabashi, al with his own hands....ungrateful monsters who studied in the best universities in the US either with Bourse Shahanshahi like the bastard Shariati (the most sociopathic them of all) and then turned against him like rabid dogs. If it weren't for the Shah's redistribution of land and wealth among the peasants, these Islamic bacheh dahatiha in their villages could've never afford or would have any desire to study or to go to school because they had to either work the land or milk the cows to feed their parents. They would've probably not had heard of the West or Berkely or Columbia. All these sucessful Iranians abroad owe their wealth and fortune and the unsurpassed education they received in Iran to a great man with a great vision...

Winston said...

he was man of his people...

Anonymous said...

Unbelievable. I just found out that Haj Agha Hossein's article on how Iran should have a nuclear weapon was published by Washington Post. Washington Post just about everybody's droppings.grrrrrrr.

Anonymous said...

Double Dealings Ahmadineja's Style:


Winston said...

Got his majesty's picture here at

Anonymous said...

Very funny:

Aryamehr said...

Thanks Winston.

Anonymous said...

Javeesh Shah. Reza Shah II's birthday is coming up too isn't it?