Thursday, October 12, 2006

Islamic Regime Spends US$420.000 in Construction of Toilets in Iraq!

In the early days after the Islamist takeover of Iran in 1979-1980 the Mullah's were going to demolish PERSEPOLIS -which is SACRED GROUND for any true Iranian- with bulldozers! Mullah Khalkhali and a group of Islamist thugs were onsite and ready to carry out their orders. If it wasn't for a brave group of Shirazi compatriots who defended that SACRED GROUND from the hands of these TAAZI's there would be no Persepolis left!

See back then, it was just after the Islamist takeover and people's stomach's were still full from what Shah and the Iranian Government had given this ungrateful people which enabled them to carry out this kind of protest action - but today, if the mullah's decide to go ahead with their Sivand Dam project, which will flood an immense area filled with our cultural heritage, none would be able to even object! let alone carry out any kind of protest action! they are too busy SURVIVING!

I get goose bumps just thinking of how much of Iran's (our!) cultural heritage these Muslims have quitely destroyed, in these past 27 years, without any resistance by the Iranian Nation!

Mullah's are descendants of Mohammad the Arab! They do not have any feelings towards Iran! When will this nation understand this!? When they spend millions of dollars on Mosque lavatories in Najaf and Karbala in Iraq whilst Iranian cultural heritage sites are being neglected, is it really that difficult to conclude where their loyalties lie!?!

OUR CULTURAL HERITAGE SITES ARE IRREPLACABLE! I hope everyone understands this! I hope the Iranian Nation understands this!


ICHHTO Short of Funds and Islamic Regime Spends US$420.000 in Construction of Toilets in Iraq
07 October 2006

LONDON, (CAIS) -- Nearly 3,800 Iranian historic venues have been registered on the National Heritage List over the past year.

Head of Iran Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization (ICHHTO), Esfandiar Rahim Mashaei, made the remark while presenting a report on his one-year record since he took office last year.

He predicted that another 780 ancient sites would be listed as national heritage by the yearend (March 20, 2007). The official put the total number of registered sites at 16,400.

Rahim Mashaei was quoted by the Persian daily Jaam-e Jam as saying that close to 28 billion rials has (US$ 2.94 million) been allocated for restoring old textures.

“Even if the current budget is doubled, it would fall short of requirements,“ he stated.

This claim came amidst of a news by the Persian service of ISNA on October 1st, that the Islamic Regime is spending millions of Iranian dollars on Iraqi religious buildings.

According to ISNA, the Islamic Regime has contributed 4 billion rials (US$420,000) for the construction of a sanitation system for ablution and toilets in Na'l-Jin street, near the tomb of Hussain (3rd Shi'a imam) in Karbala, to be used by visitors during the Islamic month of Ramadhan; this is while Persepolis lacks 3 billion rials (US$ 315,000) to carry out urgent restoration works, in which the authorities in charge of the historical edifice are humbling themselves for handouts

According to the report, the cost of retiling and masonry of the tomb of the 11th shi'a imam in Kazamain (in Iraq) have cost Iranians 15 billion rials (US$1.57 million).

The regime is also constructing "the Apron of Fatimja Al-Zahra", an extravagant 35,0002 two story extension in Ali's (first Shi'a Imam) tomb complex in the Iraqi city of Najaf, which its' massive cost has not yet been declared.



Papa Ray said...

Your wrong when you say Arabs have no feelings toward Iran or Iranians.

They despise them, think that they are good for only the shoe.

Papa Ray

Anonymous said...

"Construction of Toilets"

They are gonna live in them permanently one day, hopefully, soon!