Sunday, October 29, 2006

Arrest Mullah Khatami on charges of crimes against humanity!

Two Iranian exiles, who were tortured by Mullah Khatami's and the Islamic Republic's mercenery forces have demanded that Sir Ian Blair, the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, arrest Mullah Khatami on charges of commiting torture under section 134 of the Criminal Justice Act.

Mullah Khatami is scheduled to receive an honorary doctorate in law (!) from the Mullah-appeasing/Terrorist-Supporting St Andrews University in Britain this week starting october 30.

A particulary disgusting character Dr Ali Ansari, has endorsed Mullah Khatami by outright lying without any shame (similar to Siamak Zand's interview on VOA! although that one took the grand prize!) and saying:

...the award recognised Mr Khatami's intellectual and practical work to improve relations between Muslim, Christian and Jewish communities.

Dr Ansari said the award also recognised Mr Khatami's academic work on Islamic philosophy and the west and "the clear international message he sends of dialogue between civilisations".

"In an otherwise tense international situation he does offer an alternative"

The only civilization that Mullah Khatami understands is the Islamic one which promotes hate, backwardness, oppression, death, and destruction!

Ladies and gentlemen, we do not have shortage of people who are willing to sell their mothers and even country for even the minuscule of profit; why otherwise would these characters go out of their way in appeasing these terrorists!? These times are indeed a shameful mark in the history of our nation - we need to work with great deal of effort and in unity to replace the anti-Iranian terrorist Islamic Republic with a patriotic Iranian government by the people for the people! These characters are the last hope for an already dead regime which is waiting for its burial! Do not let them make this mark of shame bigger than it already is!

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Anonymous said...

Who is this Ali Ansari?
These shills are nothing but traitors and need to be exposed.

How doe we expose these vermins is the question??