Sunday, October 22, 2006

Innocent Iranian woman on death row in the Islamic Republic...

Painting exhibition of a young woman on death row

Iran Press News: Delara Darabi’s painting exhibition entitled “The prisoner of colors" opened in Tehran. Delara is one of the young women who is on death row in Iran. The poster announcing her exhibition depicts one of her paintings. The text of the poster reads:

"Do you know what the prisoner of colors mean? It means that when I was four, I had broken down my life by colors; at 17, I lost them. I mistook deep Red for blue lapis. Instead of sky blue, I painted gray. I lost the colors and now the only silhouette I see everyday is the [prison] wall. I am Delara Darabi, 20 years of age, accused of murder, sentenced to death; it has been 3 years that I defend myself with colors, shapes and words...These paintings are an oath to an uncommitted crime...would that colors were to bring me back to life again. I send you who have come to see my paintings, greetings from behind these walls.”



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Girls as young as 9 living in the streets in Iran
Sat. 21 Oct 2006
Iran Focus

Tehran, Iran, Oct. 21 – Girls as young as nine are running away from their homes and living on the streets in Iran, according to a classified report issued by the Ministry of Education.

The report was made public by several Persian-language news websites run by former government officials.

It notes that there is an exceptionally high number of run-away girls near Iran’s holy cities of Qom and Mashad.

Iran has one of the highest record of runaway girls and women in the world.

The state-run news agency ILNA reported in July that there were some 300,000 run-away women and girls in Iran and that 86 percent of girls who ran away from their homes for the first time were raped. The majority of such victims are rejected by their families if they choose to return after having been raped.

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The thugh-in-chief wants to increase the birth rate. To resuply the poor martyrs who are going to keep him in power.

Iran's president urges higher birth rate
AP - Mon Oct 23, 12:28 PM ET
TEHRAN, Iran - Iran's president is urging couples to have more children to boost the country's population, state media said. President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said his administration would reduce the working hours of women to allow them to have more children.