Saturday, October 14, 2006

Happy Birthday Empress Farah Pahlavi of Iran!

Today we celebrate the birthday of Her Imperial Majesty the Shahbanou (Empress) of Iran!
I'd like to send my most heartfelt congratulations to our Empress and wish her all the best on this joyous occasion!

Her Imperial Majesty the Shahbanou of Iran served Iran with great effort in the areas of social welfare and culture; she's probably best known, amongst Iranians, for her visits to small villages/towns across Iran where she would meet and spend time, close-up and personal, with her compatriots.

Her Imperial Majesty the Shahbanou was the first Iranian lady to be crowned Empress after 1400 years of backward and disasterous Islamic occupation and influence in Iran! Before the Arabo-Muslim invasion/occupation of Iran we had many women rulers such as Empress Poorandokht and Empress Azarmidokht from the Sassanian Dynasty. Thanks to their Imperial Majesties Reza Shah the Great and His Imperial Majesty the Shahanshah of Iran, Mohammad-Reza Pahlavi Aryamehr, Iranian women were once again able to regain their valued position in Iranian society; and with this, the Muslim Clergy's 1400 year-long domination of Iranian society came to an end!

For the past 27 years our Imperial Family has suffered the life of exile due to the 2nd Arabo-Muslim Occupation of Iran which took place in 1979. However the Islamic Republic's lifetime is ticking closer to its end and by the will of the Iranian people it will soon be terminated.

I pray for the speedy return of our Empress to her homeland - that very homeland and people which she loves dearly and which she has served tirelessly.

I'd like to repost a link regarding the Empress, which my fellow compatriot "Winston" has posted on his blog (CLICK HERE).

As our beloved Empress has said, despite all the hardships and darkness that has engulfed our nation for the past 27 years, "victory of light over darkness is near".

The Iranian Nation awaits the return of their Empress.


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