Thursday, April 03, 2008

To the attention of the world community!

Please help us, the Iranian youth, to liberate ourselves from the chains of Islamic domination and oppression that has forcefully reigned in our motherland since the inception of the terrorist Islamic Republic in 1979! We the youth under 30 years of age constitute 70% of Iran's population and we deserve better! We have already lost many years of our lives under this barbaric Islamic regime!

We are sick and tired of having to live double-lives!
We are sick and tired of being treated as second-class citizens in our own country!
We are sick and tired of being imposed a foreign ideology and culture (islam/arab) upon us!
We are sick and tired of not being able to breath, think, exchange opinions, and to socialize as free human beings!
We are sick and tired of being associated with an illegal regime that doesn't represent us or the Iranian culture!
We are sick and tired of western governments trying to appease this barbaric regime by buying into the regime's deceptive game of "conservative" vs "reformists"!
We are sick and tired of seeing our cultural heritage sites being undermined and destroyed by these savages who don't have any respect for Iran's cultural heritage!

Help us help ourselves! and by so doing help you in eliminating the threat which this barbaric Islamic Republic poses to us and the free world! Give us your loud, clear, and concrete support!


Winston said...

Great post. I re-posted that into LGF web site

TeachESL said...

Open a page in Facebook!!!!

TeachESL said...

Here is a page on Facebook - Students for a Free Iran

Apache Man said...

This nice little clip shows what they have been telling me in the "Middle East Youth" blog. Thank you. I used to think all you folks from the ME were absolutely, foam at the mouth, jihadi lunatics. You've all shown me a totally different side. Thank you, very much.

Winston said...


Anonymous said...

I hope Iran finds the freedom that Iran deserves eventually. I think if the liberation of Iran is going to happen it has to happen from the inside of Iran. Any outside effort will be compromised by outside sources who wish to see the mullahs continue in power-------The UK, amongst other sources.

It has to be organized by tightly nit groups inside Iran, which have no outside connections. Such as the Revolutionary Guard, or the Armed forces.

Aryamehr said...

Apache Man,

When it comes to IRAN I can't blame you for thinking so with the highly biased portrayal of the main-stream-media.

To put it simply though there is a need to differentiate the Islamic Republic (who are Islamic Fundamentalists) that currently occupies Iran through military force from the people of Iran who have to live underneath that military occupation.

Fatherland Almighty said...

Apache Man,

We deal with this every day. Fortunately once Americans see how hard working, well-mannered, disciplined, and willing to assimilate we are, they change their opinions.

TeachESL said...

I have been making an effort to just that. Showing to friends that the average Iranian wants to live in peace with the U.S.

El mamarracho said...

After saw this video I realize that I was wrong to think that Iran, per se, is a evil country. Their youth is clearly sad about the situation, but what impressed me so much was the fact that in a metal music concert they can not expressed in a proper way (it means jumping, dancing, shaking their heads) it would be so frustrating to me!!!!! Any way, I hope that one day the iranian youth could make a chance in their nation, specially with the NATO-US Govt. menace upon your country.
P.D. Iran have very beautiful and simpatheric woman, congratulations!!!

Fariborz Shamshiri said...

Great post and I have linked.