Friday, March 28, 2008

Geert Wilders "Fitna"

This short 15 minute movie on Islam (koran) is not revolutionary per se as it's basically a collage of clips from MEMRI, however the more important contribution that this film offers the free world and the world public is enhanced publicity and awareness on this ideology from the deserts of Arabia. What everyone should be very clear about is that there is but one true Islam and that is the one prescribed in the koran - so opting to use terms such as "moderate muslims" or "peaceful muslims" is grossly misleading the public. The founder of Islam intended people to follow his ideology not to pick and chose things they like about it and still go about calling themselves muslims. Islam is an ideology, a set of inseparable thoughts, a world outlook which cannot be separated into bits and pieces that suites oneself. You do not sugar-coat a savage ideology by referring to those who don't follow it as "moderate muslims", technically they are not. And if they technically do not adhere to the prescribed muslim life then what is the point in calling yourself muslims in the first place? A man could drink, womanize and eat pork but still pray or perform certain islamic practices and still call himself muslim in that case! This obviously defeats the whole purpose in being a muslim! (the same goes for any other religion). Therefore it's very simple where we draw the line - you either fully follow the koran and thus are a muslim or you don't and you aren't - this clear distinction needs to be understood fully by all the millions of "false muslims" who only refer to themselves as "muslim" simply because it was passed on to the by their fathers or because they have picked and chosen what they like.

Well done to Geert Wilders who went ahead with this project knowing full well that muslims will be thirsting for his blood! (and when i use the term muslim I mean it in its true sense and not the false and misleading politically correct one)

Also on the topic I came across this other clip on my friend Winston's blog (again note the speaker still doesn't go all the way in that he still wrongly opts to use the term "radical muslims" when there is only one kind of muslims, other than that I fully agree with his sentiments):

UPDATE 1: Well as those of you who are trying to access the liveleak link will see - the staff at this hosting website have received numerous death threats by muslims and have had to surrender to these terrorist threats. The links to the movie are still up on YouTube which you can access from the below links:

Part 1:

Part 2:


Aryamehr said...

Thanks! and thanks for letting me know when the movie was posted!

Winston said...

it is now removed... Makes me hate these Islamonazis more...

Anonymous said...

Islam sucks

Winston said...

Fitna in Persian

Tonto said...

After initially buckling to islamifascist pressure, LiveLeak reposted "Fitna". What is all the furor about? Truth is truth. 109 verses in the koran advocate murder,rape, genocide, slavery, terrorism and torture. So if you say so by reading verses from the koran you're "disrespectful" and rascist and bigotted, and should be killed? Sounds like more muslim fanatic bullshit to me. Mohammad was an animal in men's clothes and bragged about it. I've heard that many muslims disagree with the viewpoints expressed by the clerics in Fitna, and get in big trouble for it. I've heard that muslims get persecuted by muslims more that Bush and all the US army ever has. Why not just quit? You can't have a religion that nobody belongs to.

Ali.mostaque said...


Rather a cliche perspective of international Islamic terrorism, especially coming from an educated person. There are alternative explanations of their roots, and one should at least consider, if not accept them, in order to explain the critical situation in and around Iran:

Early cooperation of the mullah's and US intelligence:

You are not going to tell me that a group of largely illiterate mullahs, with no real political organization, or experience in exercising real state power, some how overthrew and over whelmed the Shah's regime, and SAVAK just like that on their first attempt! and his other security systems such as the armed forces and paramilitary forces etc,..........AND after, one by one eliminated all other political opponents including the constitutional Republicans and the Tudeh alliance by them selves. If you believe this then I have a bridge to sell you!

In relation to the article/blog in point and the wider issue. Obviously Jews are doing a propaganda drive, with the help of elements of the Far Right in Europe (which I always thought was manipulated by the Jews themselves traditionally to scare and keep in line the Jew masses) The Mohammed cartoon episode was initiated by a Mossad agent by the name of Fleming Rose, working for the Danish newspaper from the far right, and accepted as OK from the right wing government of Denmark----Fleming Rose is a psuedynim------actually an Ukrainian Jew:

The French Arab riots on the surface looks like crazy Arabs going on the rampage, but a closer investigation looks like the right wing French Mossad agent, Nicholas SARKOZY as interior minister staged highly provocative action calculated to incite Arabs. Look it up people...............

The Dutch saga looks like more Mossad activity to give Muslims a bad name to justify Israeli inhuman activity against the Palestinians, in collusion with Right Wing elements in Europe:

It is quite simple people.