Monday, April 28, 2008

"Pre-Islamic icons symbolize Iran's confused present"

Before i highlight the article below i'd like to share this clip of a young Iranian-Belgian compatriot, Guiv, playing Javad Marooufi's "Les rêves dorés":


After 1400 years of savage Islamic Occupation, brainwashing, indoctrination, and historical revisionism Iranians are beginning to reject this hell-sent ideology that has infected their minds for far too long and are returning to their true roots:

There are few avenues for defiance in this Shiite Muslim nation, but one of them is in the past, where the emblems, folklore and images of old Persia mingle in quiet protest against the mullahs. The pre-Islamic era is alive in jewelry, architecture, decals, books, videos and websites that feature Cyrus the Great and gold-horned bulls.

"It's a psychological reaction to the Islamic regime," said Naser Shahbazi, a drama teacher and bookseller, who sat in a shop of cracked bindings and dust. "Many Iranians hate the regime, but they're scared. The pre-Islamic motif is the least dangerous way to express yourself. . . .

"There is a backlash against Islamic culture," Abedi said. "When I study pre-Islamic texts, I often find that Islam has taken from our [Zoroastrian] history. So why not go to the original? When I give gifts now, I give a pendant or something that signifies the past."

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Azarmehr said...

Just look at their own figures, only 670000 of those eligible to vote in Tehran, took part in their masquerade. Thats less than 8% :)

Unknown said...

Aryamehr jan, first of all we miss your articles, and I hoop is every thing ok.

Some times I think maybe this dirty Coup (so call revelation) was a blessing in sky for us Iranian, now we know what a dirty believe is this religion (Islam) and what a dirty people are the people who preaching it (mullahs). Some times I am a shamed of myself and of my parents, for what we have accepted as our religion, and a shame of our self for selling out our truth believe (Zoroastrian), and culture to this dirty tazys believe and so called culture, but as they said, is better to wakeup late and find the truth path then never wakeup.

Aryamehr said...


Thanks for yor the comment. Everything is fine, I just have a very busy month ahead. And yes it's better to wake up late and do something about the problem rather than never waking up and letting this virus (islam) keep on growing roots across the world.

Fatherland Almighty said...

Awesome, awesome news! The time has finally come!!! Be sure to read the rest of the article, hamvatana yeh aziz!