Saturday, December 27, 2008

Iranian Emperor on CBS 60 Minutes - Oct 23, 1976

Shahanshah Aryamehr, the late Iranian Emperor, on CBS 60 minutes responding to the foreign/islamist/leftist propaganda aimed against Him and specifically created as an excuse/reason to topple the Iranian Government and prepare the grounds for an Islamic takeover.

This is another CBS 60 minutes clip with the late Emperor of Iran:

The foreign media - mainly the U.S., U.K., France, & Germany acted as conduits to the Islamist/Leftist alliance in Iran who used this powerful channel (in terms of influence) in laying out their exaggerated claims of use of force by certain elements in the Iranian intelligence organizations against their terrorist members who they potrayed as "democrats" and "freedom fighters", and furthermore used these channels to deliver their utter fabrications that were meant to malign the Iranian Government and the late Shah specifically.

The United States and the United Kingdom were the two principal backers of this unholy alliance of Islamists and Leftists, and the Islamic Republic is a direct creation of their tireless efforts to undermine the Iranian Government and the late Shah's campaign to make Iran a secular, democratic, and model state in that part of the world - which of course was not in the interests of the "superpowers".

It is funny to what degrees the enemies of Iranian prosperity, progression, and national integrity are willing to go in their propaganda full of lies. On one side a patriot like the Shah of Iran, with a solid vision and loving devotion to his country, was labeled a "megalomaniac" by the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), and by the Leftist/Islamist Alliance as an "American puppet" and "blood thirsty dictator"!!! It seems these parties were trying to outdo each others' lies by coming up with the greatest untrue characterisations they could possibly produce! As it has been said in the past...repeat a lie a million times and the masses will buy it in the end...and that is exactly what happened.

Shame on the governments of the U.S., U.K., France, Germany and their puppets proxies in the Islamist/Leftist Alliance that destroyed a booming country under the leadership of a loving and devoted leader like the late Shah of Iran. They were able to kill a Great patriotic leader and destroy a booming country but they were not able to kill His Imperial Majesty's vision, goals, devotion, and love for His country.

UPDATE 1: It is of note that back then when the "superpowers" saw the late Shah of Iran as a threat they would continously repeat lies and exaggerations about human rights abuses in Iran, however today with their puppets in place not one single question asked of them, like AhmadiNejad, pertains to the countless human rights violations that take place daily in Iran. It is either questions which aim to portray Iran under Islamic Occupation as a progressive state by comparing it with other slightly more backward states like Saudi Arabia or the attention is solely on the for-show nuclear programme/AhmadiNejad's statements - not one second is devoted to the courageous people who are being executed and killed across Iran on a frequent basis by this hell-sent regime - whose only crime has been to stand up against the anti-Iranian, occupational, illegitimate Islamic Republic.


Anonymous said...

Just look at this man's majesty,you know his majesty shouldn't spent his time to anserw his actions to these bastards.
where are those so called human right activist now?
where is mrs, amanpour to showen the faces of these mullas?

God bless his majesty's sole, and god give us othere Hero like him, I know we does not deserve him, but I hoop the O mitty God do it for the land of Iran.

Anonymous said...

God bless his late Majestys soul
Shame on those who criticized the late Majesty Shahanshah Aryamehr
i addore and love his late Majesty and I addor Reza shah his father
2 true heros and i will continue their path, we love you dear late Majesty cnn Amanpours goes to iran talk to mollhas
like she is a hero ?? what a joke??? javid shah For ever Tirdad

Winston said...

thanks for sharing these