Friday, April 06, 2007

The Association for Democracy in Iran

It's with great enthusiasm that I can report on the creation of "The Association for Democracy in Iran" which is an organization created by our young compatriots Ardavan & Arvin Khoshnood in cooperation with politically active Iranian and Swedish youth.

The purpose of this organization is to promote democracy in Iran and a complete boycott of the Islamic Republic occupying that country.

The organization takes no political stance and is made up of individuals from diverse political backgrounds who are united in their vision of a democratic, secular, and modern Iran where human rights are respected.

Please visit and support this organization in order to ensure its objectives are successful.

The Association for Democracy in Iran:

The english website is under construction but you can find the relevant organizational information by CLICKING HERE


Anonymous said...

FDI was created by Kenneth Timmerman.

Anonymous said...

dorood bar shoma
sale no mobarak
regim iran ghesmate uplode axe blogger ra filter karde baraye hamin ax ha dar iran dar dastres nist! behtar hast dar jaye degar uplod konid. be site zibaye zir niz nazari beyandazid:
piroz bashid

Aryamehr said...


How on earth did you come up with that!?



Tamameh aksaye man dar een site hastan:

Anonymous said...

FDI - The Foundation for Democracy in Iran is the group that Timmerman is associated with and was founded in 1995 according the website

If The Assoc. for Democ. in Iran is using FDI as its initials, it's confusing and they ought to think about changing that.

Good to know there's another group out there, though. Thanks for letting us know.

Aryamehr said...


Yes you're right, I followed it up and it's absolutely correct.

Although FDI is it's swedish initials (Föreningen för Demokrati i Iran) the group's english name is "Association for Democracy in Iran" (ADI).