Friday, April 27, 2007

Islamic Republic set to destroy Iran's pre-Islamic heritage!

Islamic Republic's Animosity towards Pre-Islamic Iran, has Overruled Critics and Started Filling the Sivand Dam that will Drown 137 Archaeological Sites and Would Threaten the Mausoleum of Cyrus the Great!



City boy said...

What can one expect from these anti-Iranians! the Ministry of culture is called Ministry of culture and Islamic guidance!

They show such little respect for pre-Islamic Iran. People have to do something about it themselves, not trust these people to protect our ancient heritage..

Knute said...

is it true that the destruction will be on the anniversary day of Khomeini's take over 11 februari 1979? It seems like a destruction of Iranian antiquities everywhere in Iran, and a destruction of the people's memories of pre-islamisk kultur.
Another question,
is it true that Cyrus the great about 540 BC was the author of a declaration of human rights?
Thank's for an interesting blog, keep up the good work! Well, don't forget it's spring-time, a good remedy for internet-addiction.

euarte said...

These people are like all thugs just interested in themselves, their power and the money they rob from the Iranian people. Their Islamic desecrations of historical sites is a sop to their supporters, who in their religious blindness, have not caught on to the game yet.
In the end this feigned religious group of thugs will accomplish the opposite. The youth will grow up confirmed non-believers.

Mambo Strategies said...

why arent Iranian political intellectuals the world over organising and seeking assistance from America, Israel, Europe to overthrow the Islamist. This I find very curious