Monday, April 09, 2007

Save Delara!

After the successful "SAVE NAZANIN" campaign which freed the innocent Iranian youth, "Nazanin Fatehi", and reunited her with her family - it is time to pursue yet another noble cause of saving another innocent life which the Islamic Republic occupying Iran intends to execute for a crime not committed.

Please visit the "SAVE DELARA" campaign page and help save another innocent life from being taken away by the mullah-savages running the occupational Islamic Republic in Iran!

Also visit Nazanin Afshin-Jam former page on "Nazanin Fatehi" which continues to champion the freedom of innocent Iranian youth!



And also see the following links...

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Write your comments and letters to Delara:
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Hidden Author said...

Unfortunately, things like this will continue until the end of the Islamic Republic. Yet the mullahs could in theory rule Iran forever unless one of the following scenarios take place:

1. Oil is rendered useless by new technology. Without oil, the mullahs will have a hard time funding their rule of Iran. That could take decades to happen.

2. Iran finally provokes America to fight her. The fiasco with the British sailors may give the mullahs the impression that they can do anything they want. Yet if they tried that stunt with America, they would likely start a war. Although the mullahs may soon be free to do anything they want--all they'll need to do is develop nuclear bombs like North Korea. On the other hand, the mullahs are so crazy that they might blow that opportunity by nuking Israel, thereby provoking Israel into nuking Iran.

3. The various opposition organizations unite to form an alternative government to coordinate resistance, violent or not, and to establish a democracy upon the defeat of the mullahs. Such an alternative government is not likely though because the Iranian opposition never really unites!

Plateau said...

hidden author:

All that.

but especially, ditto #3.