Tuesday, April 17, 2007

PM Shahpour Bakhtiar

Dr Shahpour Bakhtiar was the late Shah of Iran's last appointed Prime Minister before the enemies of Iran sent the country into turmoil and eventually seized power.

PM Bakhtiar (see pics) was previously a member of the Jebhe Melli party (created by PM Mossadegh), which caused tremendous damage to Iran by following in the radical footsteps of PM Mossadegh and always seeking to undermine the Shah. If there was one honorable and respectable man in that organization, with all his flaws that any human being has, it must have been Shahpour Bakhtiar who in 1979 knew where to stand.

Shahpour Bakhtiar accepted the position of Prime Minister on one condition, that the Shah left the country for a short period of time until the situation was under control - in yet another bid to calm tensions; the Shah who did not want any further innocent blood to be shed by the violent revolutionary gangs agreed. The cowardly members of Jebhe Melli ("National Front")- all abandoned Dr Bakhtiar in this historical time where he had been entrusted to save the country from falling into the hands of the enemy. These self-proclaimed "nationalist intellectuals" of Jebhe Melli did not think twice about joining forces with the reactionary and extremely anti-Iranian Islamic clergyman Ayatollah Khomeini who today is known for his genocide against the Iranian people, and for his disgusting Islamic doctrine which requires a separate entry for itself (see Dr Homa Darabi homepage to acquaint yourself with this Islamic clergyman)!

PM Bakhtiar's government collapsed within a few month's and the coalition of "Red & Black" as the Shah referred to them as, which included Jebhe Melli ("National Front"), Hezbe Tudeh (Communist Party), Islamists (under Khomeini) and foreign powers (USA, UK, France, Germany...) all rejoiced in Iran's defeat.

It was not long before the Islamists soon usurped power and began turning against their former allies - the Communists and Jebhe Melli. Today the leftovers of Jebhe Melli shamelessly try to associate Dr Bakhtiar with their rotten and treacherous organization which not only betrayed him but also the entire Iranian Nation! The very man which they destroyed is today hailed by their leftovers as a "member of Jebhe Melli" and they have pictures of him on their pathetic little websites! H.E. Shahpour Bakhtiar must be turning in his grave witnessing this mockery!

Despite all the propaganda that you will hear from the enemies of Iran Dr Shahpour Bakhtiar who was a staunch critic of the late Shah, and having even been imprisoned during the Shah for various offenses, made his position clear in 1979 that above everything else he was a NATIONALIST and that he was not seeking the fall of the Iranian Monarchy but rather wanted the Shah to act as a Constitutional Monarch; he made this crystal clear in interviews after the mullah's had taken over. For my viewers attention i've uploaded a scanned newpaper interview with Dr Bakhtiar where this point is included; I hope that the enemies of Iran will find the decency not to abuse and dishonor the name of such a great patriot/nationalist any longer!

Also see this video-clip on Dr Bakhtiar giving one of his powerful nationalistic speeches in exile:

And finally visit this page which has been created in memory of this great Iranian patriot:


My previous entry on H.E. PM Bakhtiar.


Plateau said...

Good post, thanks.
We could've easily had '79 in '53 with Mossadegh situation. I don't have anything against the man but he wasn't the full quid and certainly wasn't a politician. Tudeh & Jebhe Melli are cowards & idiots, have always been. Clerics are wily. Hope you'll have a post on Khomeini's doctrine. I left a link for one of my readers in a comment section of a post weeks ago. If not, I'll have a post about it.
I wish Reza Shah (I) were alive! Among other critical things, we now need a strong leader and a shadow government in exile. I'm almost convinced that the West won't help unless mullahs do another 911, even then, some may blame it on others.

Anonymous said...

Fascinating info. Aryamehr. Great job.

Aryamehr said...

Plateau jAn what link was it? Do post an entry on Khomeini and his Islamic doctrine, i'll have one in the future as well...i'll also have one on his non-Iranian origins! I've got a good article on that...

Anonymous said...

R.I.P Bakhtiar

Plateau said...

This is the link:

in this post:

A bit of controversy in some quarters about his origins, so would be interested to see what you got!

Also, a techie question: how can I enable "links to this post" thingy next to comment tab of a post in Blogger? I'm using the beta version of Blogger, thanks.

Aryamehr said...

Plateau jAn

Go to "Settings">>"Comments">>"Backlinks">>"Show"

if not it could be:

"Settings">>"Archiving">>"Enable posts per page">>"Yes"

I think it has to do with the backlinks...I looked this up for winston not too long ago...let me know if it works.

Thanks for the link.