Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Exposing Majeed Safaee - Swedish Liberal Party

Majed Safaee is what seems like a shameless self-hating Iranian in Sweden which many of my friends in Sweden have righftully exposed (link 1, link 2, link 3) . He is also the Vice Chairman of the Swedish Liberal Party's youth commision .

Ardavan Khoshnood, chairman of the "Association for Democracy in Iran", writes that Majeed has declared his support for the separation of an Iranian province ("Kordestan") and has described Iranian nationalists (including Kurds!), who care for the territorial integrity of their country, as "dumb nationalists".

Furthermore this character has supported the terrorist Islamic Republic's former President Khatami and other "Ex-Islamic-Terrorists-Now-Turned-Democratic-Activists-Who-
Promote-Peaceful-Change" like Akbar Ganji - who served in the Revolutionary Guard at a time in which that organization was killing thousands upon thousands of Iranian political prisoners.

The latest idiocy of this character is describing Iranians who are upset about how their ancestors have been portrayed in the movie "300", as "insane and idiots".

Nothing in the history of this certain Majeed Safaee would indicate that he is even remotely fond of Iran, its history, its people, nor the territorial integrity of what is supposedly the country he hails from! Therefore it is of no surprise how he condemns honorable Iranians that are upset about a movie which portrays their ancestors as monsters, terrorists, and their physical appearance as anything BUT Iranian!

Majeed Safaee go have some shame or at least stop calling yourself Iranian if you are going to behave so unworthily of that title! Your actions are a disgrace to all Iranians!


Winston said...

well, he is a liberal leftist. He must act accordingly then. I mean he must act as a traitor

Anonymous said...

Very well said Winston. As a loveral leftist, he MUST act as a traitor like u said.

Well said.