Saturday, April 21, 2007

Sivand Dam - Bolaghi Gorge

Tange-Bolaghi is an area next to Pasargarde city which is largely unexcavated and which contains hundreds of identified cultural heritage sites (which need to be excavated) which will be SUBMERGED once the dam is in operation! (see the map which there's a link to below). Many thousands-year old artifacts have been discovered in this area amongst them remains of three Achamenid palaces - one attributed to Darius the Great has been in the past month or two! The flooding of the valley will result not only in a national cultural loss but a loss to humankind because afterall this is part of human heritage! Fringes of Pasargarde will also be submerged in water as the map clearly points out - which leads to a potential threat of humidity-damage affecting the Tomb of Cyrus the Great!

It is a FACT that this dam will FLOOD an immense un-excavated area containing invaluable traces of our cultural heritage! and the fact that it can potentially damage Cyrus' tomb is enough for this issue to be taken seriously!

Here are links from the Islamic Republic's own self-proclaimed "Cultural Heritage News Agency":

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The latest pictures from Bolaghi Gorge (February 2007)

Google map-overview (Sivand Dam):

Dr. Peiman Yusofi Azari, the head of the Iranian Forestry Office:

The loss that will be caused by the Sivand Dam cannot be compensated by new forestation.

Sivand Dam will destroy natural environment, agriculture and archaeological treasures of Bolaghi gorge and Pasargad plains.

It also might destroy the mausoleum of Cyrus the Great

Bolaghi Gorge is one of the most important archeological site in Fars province of Iran that will be drowned after the flooding of Sivand Dam
Zoroaster’s Kaba, a Potential Victim of Railway Construction

Railway Likely to Knock Persepolis Off UNESCO’s List

Cultural genocide in the name of Islam

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