Thursday, April 26, 2007

Islamic Regime sets loose its female Islamists...

Every year the Islamic Republic cracks down on Iranian females who are deemed to be breaching the Islamic dress-codes. This year the Islamic Republic has set loose it's female Islamists who Iranians know by the names of "Khaharane Zeinab" (Sisters of Zeinab), "Fati Kommando's" (Commando's of Fatemeh Zahra), or simply put "Hezbollahi's" (Members of Hezbollah). These creatures are loathed and are known for their extreme brutality against Iranian women. They are recognized by the all-enveloping black Islamic garment known as the "chador". Most Iranian women cannot even believe that these creatures are Iranians and some say that many of them actually aren't Iranians - which wouldn't come as a surprise since the Islamic Republic uses Arab and Afghan mercenaries when it needs to crackdown on freedom and democracy activists.

More in regards to the Islamic dresscode - when the Islamists first overtook the country in 1979 they would go around spraying acid on Iranian women's faces and use razor blades on their lips...

In addition to setting these animals loose the regime is also tightening dress-restrictions on Iranian males who are being arrested for wearing short-sleeved shirts and "un-Islamic" hairdo's. Male university students wearing shorts in their own dormitories are also being arrested and fined. Shorts are outlawed in the Islamic Republic as they are seen as un-Islamic.

The whole situation is unreal knowing that we are in the 21st century...and knowing that only 28 years ago Iranian women, during the Pahlavi Era, were free to dress AS THEY PLEASED is just mind-boggling to witness what low point these Islamists have taken our country...

Here are some pictures of what is happening on the streets of Iran these days:

For more pictures please check THIS LINK.


Anonymous said...


Nazy Kaviani has a great post on her blog:

If you can’t fix the economy,
If you can’t figure out the way to shine in a good light around the globe,
If your friends are the least loved people in the world,
If you don’t know what to do with the minds that think,
If you don’t like what those thoughts bring,
If you have problems with drugs, prostitution, and crime,
If you can’t create jobs to keep everybody decently alive,
It’s time for you to go to the perpetual Plan B,
Where you attack women on the street,
You frighten and insult them,
You degrade and humiliate them,
You drag them away with you to Vozara,
To be paraded through the frightened eyes of those standing by,
And their worried families,
You arrest young men with different hairdos,
You arrest young men and women holding hands,
You arrest young women walking about,
You shout at them, you talk down at them,
You scare and intimidate them,
Now you are safe again for a month,
Go on, enjoy it, your forced values will appear intact again,
For a month.

My two cents: Acts of Desparation where obviously they have no control anymore.

The "bad hijab" campaign cannot cover up some bald realities. 1. Rising levels of serious crime
2. Unemployment, inflation and corruption.

The hijab huffing and puffing also illustrates, at a very basic level, the authorities' obsession with control - and the sense that, for all their secret policemen and all their rules and regulations, control is nevertheless lacking. The hijab campaign reflects a deep-rooted structural and economical problems with a system that does not know how to function or resists to navigate in an increasingly interdependent and homogeneous world of globalization. This regime is going to self-destruct...

I read that Iran is selling 118 state-owned oil fields...more on that later.

Knute said...

Things are far worser in Iran than I could imagine. I made a post on my blog about it but now I realize how naive I was.

Anonymous said...

down with the mullahs