Thursday, April 19, 2007

Shah of Iran's 1971 interview with German TV

This interview is composed of four parts and is conducted in French, with some German commentary - unfortunately i'm not especially strong in either of those two languages but if someone is and would like to point out something which was raised in the interview please do so.

I believe this is the year (1971) when HIM the Shah finds out about his cancer - his health will deteriorate until his passing away on July 27, 1980; one year after the Islamists take over the country.

In regards to the interview I can make out talk about a metro (underground), the nuclear energy programme, development of the steel industry, arms industry, oil, electricity, Iranian Imperial Navy, international relations, the Oman conflict, the Rastakhiz Party, the Empress' social initiatives in the country, OPEC, economic progress, the Soviet Union, and terrorism.





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