Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Shahanshah Aryamehr 1979-80

Here's another video, on the last days of the late Shah of Iran, that I had uploaded on youtube which has much better quality/resolution on dailymotion. The audio in the background is that of Empress Farah Pahlavi reading out the late Shah's last will to the Iranian Nation.

This is the introductory text which I have for it:

In 1979 the enemies of Iran had mobilized their forces alongside tens of thousands of brainwashed villagers gathered on the streets of Iran in order to take over the country with backing by European states and the Carter Administration.

The prosperity of the Iranian Nation under the guidance of His Imperial Majesty was not in the interests of these countries who would rather have a poor, backward, Islamic Republic serve their interests.

The Shahanshah of Iran in order to defuse the explosive atmosphere and threat to Iran's integrity pleaded that these people seize their activities which where harming the state and that political reform would be accelerated.

The Islamist/Communists alliance (Jebhe Zedde Melli, Fedayaan Eslam, Hezbe Toodeh etc!) would never have accepted this and armed rebellion against the Iranian Government was pursued by these destructive groups.

The Shahanshah in an ultimate bid to save the country appointed H.E. Shahpour Bakhtiar to the Premiership and ordered him to do his best to save the country from total destruction. The Shahanshah also decided that leaving Iran might defuse the tensions already running high in the country due to immense false propaganda that had been spread.

Orders had been given by the Shahanshah that soldiers were not to open fire on the demonstrators and that Iranian blood would not be shed under his orders.
The Shahanshah suffering from cancer and incapable of being in a decision-making position had too much trust in the silent majority of his nation.

The Red/Black (Islamist/Communist) alliance with immense foreign support succeeded in taking over Iran and begin a rule of terror and oppression that continues to this date. The Islamists were quick to usurp all power and killed thousands of those who they had allied with before. An Islamic Republic was established and the terror of Allah's holy men began.

The Shahanshah of Iran passed away in Egypt, where a long-standing and honorable friend of the Iranian Nation - President Sadat - arranged a state funeral for one of the Greatest Iranians in history.

One of Shahanshah's last wishes was to one day be buried next to the heroes who defended the country and stayed loyal to the Iranian Monarchy to the last breath.



Winston said...

wish it was in english so I could send it to my western friends and let them see what a great royal family we had....

Aryamehr said...

yeah, perhaps you could do an english version winston? =) if not perhaps an english text translation?

btw what do you think of the new banner i've got up^? had some extra time to play around with some designs...all i have to play around with is photobucket so nothing professional lol, but i think it looks better than just a plain text...

Winston said...

Check this out

I am sure you'll like it

The banner you got is awsome and your blog looks way better now. Keep it up!

Aryamehr said...

Thanks man. I just now checked out that link lol, but indeed it has some very nice pictures of the Imperial Family of Iran's residence; shame that a bunch of ragheads are occupying our ancient country though and occupying the Kiani Throne of Iran.