Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Iran Photos UPDATE!

So i've undergone a major update of my photobucket page: and uploaded hundreds of new pics. Please see the end result below, categorized for your convinience. Please send this on to everyone on your contact lists if you think it would be of their interest.
May our dormant nation soon awaken!

Payandeh Iran!


Our Motherland Iran in Pictures:

People of Iran:

Flavours of Iran:



Iranian Currency:

Various Artwork related to Iran:


The Grandeur of Persia - The Ancient Civilization:

Soldiers of the Persian Empire:


2500 Years of Monarchy Celebrations:

Coronation Ceremony 1967:

Reza Shah the Great:

Shahanshah Aryamehr:

Shahbanou Farah Pahlavi:

Princess Soraya Esfandiari-Bakhtiari:


Imperial Family of Iran:

Crown Prince Reza Pahlavi:

Pahlavi Era (Political):

Pahlavi Era (Social):


Imperial Armed Forces of Iran:

PM Mossadegh:

PM Amir-Abbas Hoveyda:

PM Shapour Bakhtiar:

Zahedi Family:


Imperial Family of Iran (1979-1980):

Islamist takeover of Iran (1979):

Anti-Regime Demonstrations (Iran):

Anti-Regime Demonstrations (Abroad):

Islam in Pictures:


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