Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Call for Nationwide Strike by Oilworkers (20th Shahrivar/11 September)!

Please see the following translation by a fellow compatriot, Maziar, on this call for a nationwide strike by oilworkers on 20th Shahrivar (Iranian calendar) / 11 September, and spread this around to as many people as you can so that it gets the attention it deserves! If it doesn't get the attention it deserves nothing will change and the status quo will remain indefinately! Spread the message orally and through written forms of communication (emails, letters, pamphlets, slogans on walls etc!). We cannot sit idle. Lets see for how long the terrorist regime of the Islamic Republic can survive without the Iranian Nation's oil income!

The call for this grand action has been posted on the following (persian) site:


First paragraph reads:

20th of Shahrivar, day of unity of patriotic oil industry workers with the Iranian nation.


Abadan, Masjed Soleiman, Omidieh va Miankooh, Aghajari, Raamshir, Khark, Lavan, Kanga (Gas Co.). We will show the regime that it can not fight the great force of the workers and any harshness by the Islamic Republic will only create greater problems internally and externally for the Mollah regime.





Winston said...

How is this possibly going to happen?

I really do hope it happens though

Chester said...

Anything more on this strike?

Winston said...

Seen this?

Chester said...

Hi - I was beginning to wonder about you.
Glad to see you up and running again. ; )

Anonymous said...

Off Topic:
Dear Aryamehr: The Pope Agrees with us:

The world is about to witness the next wave of Muslim rage against the West.

Addressing an audience at Regensburg University in Germany on Sept. 12, Roman Catholic Pope Benedict XVI delivered a controversial speech, in which he quoted 14th Century Byzantine Christian Emperor Manuel Paleologos II regarding the issue of jihad: "Show me just what Mohammed brought that was new, and there you will find things only evil and inhuman, such as his command to spread by the sword the faith he preached."

Aryamehr said...

Hey guys, sorry for the un-announced leave! I'm back and will be posting!

Dear "Red Violin" i'm going to make an entry on that one!

As for the inquiries regarding this entry all the info is that which i've posted and which you can find on the site i've listed - unfortunately I cannot read persian, but Winston you might be able to extract some more info from that site if it's been updated. The only way a call like this can be successful is "coverage", "organization", and "support", it seems we still have some more to do before we reach that stage...

Winston said...

Well, 20th of Shahrivar is 11th of september and nothing happened