Wednesday, September 27, 2006

ATT: "Iranian Muslims" RE: Ramadan

As this month of horror begins i'd like to bring some attention to a boy no longer with us. A boy whose life you took a way from us last year during this "holy month" of yours.

It was during this month last year that a 14 year old Iranian Kurdish boy, from Sanandaj, inhaled his last breath of air, on this earth, after having received 85 lashes according to the islamic sentence passed down on him by your religious men - the same religious men of this Arab religion/ideology/culture which you proudly follow and whose name you've tattoed on your foreheads ("muslim").

This 14 year old Iranian boys' crime was to have been spotted eating during this "holy month" of yours, and for this you decided to murder him. I expect nothing less savage from this ideology/religion/culture which you proudly adhere to. A culture which has no respect for life must not have much difficulty in executing young children. This very Arab religion is the cause for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Iranians; amongst them being your very own ancestors - but what do you care. Carry on with your "submission" because you are good at it.

Those who weren't as submissive as you left us long time ago on battlefields which you probably have never heard the names of.

After sunset when you like pigs begin to stuff yourselves with food, I hope that those of you who have lost any respect for humanity, for Iranianhood, choke on it. No self-respecting Iranian who knows about Islam and its coming to Iran would ever allow himself/herself to be referred to as a "muslim".

P.S. This year, in Mashad, the muslim disciplinary guards command has announced that anyone breaking the fast will be punished by being forced to dig graves; if they are lucky it won't be their own graves they're digging.

Happy Ramadan/Ramazan whatever you call it.



Anonymous said...

Iran: Seven Women Risk Death by Stoning

September 27, 2006
Amnesty International
Urgent Action

Glorious Islam and sharia in action. What a cult of death and bloodlust.

Anonymous said...

You don't have to be in Iran to feel the joy of this holy month. The Iranian who lives in Dearborn, Michigan is always asked aren't you a moslem, why do you want to eat now? my answer: NO, I like to eat noe beacuse I'm hungry. One tries to escape this all his life and it catches up to him 27 years later in good old USA.

Anonymous said...

islam is fucked up

Nammdar said...

To all muslims fasting worldwide - hope you starve to death and kill yourselves :)


Aryamehr said...

Naumy LOL!!