Thursday, September 28, 2006

President Carter's involvement in the betrayal of the late Shah of Iran

I'd just like to post this for historical records.

President Carter's involvement in the betrayal of the late Shah of Iran and the establishing of a backward/terrorist Islamic Republic in Iran.

Please see the following thread where i've included various articles regarding this topic:

You be the judge on the degree of U.S. involvement in the anti-Iranian Islamic takeover of Iran in 1979 or facilitating such an event to even take place.

This post is not meant to point the finger at one entity alone but is solely for educational purposes in giving my readers a better picture of the forces involved in the Islamists Revolt of 1979 - be they the Iranian people themselves, the U.S., the U.K., Palestinian merceneries etc.

Again, judge for yourselves.



Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting this precious info. I have always known that the CIA and Carter et al were responsible for installing the khomeini's pestillence in Iran but I didn't know exactly how they instigated, orchestrated and coordinated this manufactured revolution. I hope Mr. Carter and his evil advisors pay for what they have done to our nation when they meet their creator. It's sickening that Carter who calls himself a Christian is able to live with himself watching the result of what he has created, namely, militant Islam.

Aryamehr said...

Dear ANON,

Carter and his administration was surely involved in the terrorist Islamists coming to power but the ones to ultimately blame are the people of Iran who fell into the trap made for them.

Winston said...

The guy who wrote this is a real crook.

Aryamehr said...

Which guy?

Winston said...

Alan Peters?

Anonymous said...

I know this is MEK's publication but it should be reported by all blogs if it's true.

Iran’s intelligence agents arrest daughter of murdered priest
Sat. 30 Sep 2006
Iran Focus

London, Sep. 30 – Agents of Iran’s dreaded Ministry of Intelligence and Security (MOIS) have arrested the daughter of a Christian priest whose high-profile murder 12 years ago was met with international condemnation, a Christian news agency reported on Friday.

Fereshteh Dibaj, 28-year-old daughter of Reverend Mehdi Dibaj, was arrested on Tuesday with her husband Reza Montazami, 35, in their home in the north-eastern city of Mashad, the news agency Compass Direct News reported.

The report said that secret agents raided their apartment at 7 am and transferred the couple to a local intelligence branch of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC). Their six-year-old daughter was reportedly in the apartment at the time.

The couple lead an independent house church in Mashad, where the government executed a convert Christian pastor in 1990, it said.

In July 1994, Mehdi Dibaj, a minister of the Assemblies of God who had converted from Islam, was murdered in a gruesome manner along with two Christian bishops. Prior to his murder, Rev. Dibaj had spent more than nine years in prison, on the charge of "apostasy".

Tehran initially blamed the 1994 murders on the opposition Mojahedin-e Khalq (MeK) and brought several former members of the group on television to testify that they were responsible for the killings.

But in the aftermath of the 1997 “serial murders” of dissidents and intellectuals in Iran, which for the first time lifted the lid on numerous killings by the Intelligence Ministry, journalist Akbar Ganji shed light on the murders, revealing that it had been an “inside-job” sanctioned on the orders of Deputy Intelligence Minister Saeed Emami and carried out by a team under the command of Mahmoud Saeedi.

Officials in the Khatami administration later acknowledged that the murders of Bishop Haik Hovsepian Mehr, Bishop Tateos Michaelian, and Reverend Mehdi Dibaj were politically-motivated killings by the MOIS to tarnish the image of the Iranian opposition group.

Anonymous said...

US may accept Iranian nuclear bomb
Sarah Baxter, Washington

AMERICA is going to have to learn to live with a nuclear Iran, US intelligence analysts have concluded at a secret meeting near Washington.
Senior operatives and outside experts from the intelligence community were almost unanimous in their view that little could be done to stop Iran acquiring the components for a nuclear bomb, The Sunday Times has learnt....,,2089-2383147,00.html

Anonymous said...

Carter is recognized as "The most ineffective President ever". I met some people from Plains, Georgia years ago that told me that the people in Georgia had no respect for him either.....from what I have seen, he's a true well as an idiot.

Anonymous said...

If there is a proverbial "Devil" in this world, it has to be America. I'm not saying this with any religious convictions, but if the Middle-East is the land of Militant Islam, then America has to be the land of Militant Christianity. A people more self-centred, money grabbing and Zionistic than the Americans I have not yet met in my short 21 years of living.

Ah, as for meeting "their Creator", don't worry, they only pretend to believe in one. Their real Lord is Money and Oil. They make a Grand show of "Religion" with their shouts and "praise the lords" their fake TV Evangelists, but for all of it, they get Millions of Dollars a year, Benny Hin, for instance and his falsehood make just about 300 Million dollars each year, tax free!!

Common sense is gone, especially in America. Romania's government is kissing ass when it comes to appeasing America, I feel incredibly ashamed, and therefore not all that sorry when I hear of a Romanian soldier dying in Iraq, I mean, if people wanted change, they could get it like they did in December of 1989, revolution-style. What's even worse is the European Union, who wants only a few things from us, our Forests which are the most plentiful in Eastern Europe and our Mining resources/Industry.

But guess what? Every Empire Falls, and Romania, being so unimportant to be considered and Empire shall endure, even after America is nothing more than a bunch of warlord run combatant states. I wish this onto America, because it to needs to pay for its crimes, the same way I wish death onto all of the oppressive governments and leaders of the world.

As for my thoughts on the executed Christian Priest, what can I say. He was, as we say back home "Searching for it with a brightly-lit torch" what was he thinking running a coversionist Christian mission in a militant Islamic land? When common sense fails, ruin follows. "Pentru proshti, nichi o mila". For the foolish and lacking in common sense, let there be no tears shed.


Anonymous said...

Jimmy Carter betrayed our late majesty Shahanshah Aryamehr from iran and he is meeting with the hammass terroist leader, shame on you Jimmy Carter you know why the world is in this mess now in 2008 it is because of you overthrowing our great king in 1979 and our hero president Ronald Reagan released the american hostages taken by khomeini and their gang islamic mafia one was ahmadinejad, one quote, a friend in need is a friend indeed president Richard Nixon President whom i met in 1973 in tehran with a golden heart And An al war Saddat from egypt, 2 true friends who gave his late majesty their true friendship and god bless their souls, tirdad gharib.