Tuesday, September 26, 2006

VOA Interview with H.E. Ardeshir Zahedi

Here i'd like to share a very interesting and informative interview with Iran's last Ambassador to the United States H.E. Ardeshir Zahedi. The interview is 1 hr long and is conducted in persian.


Who is H.E. Ardeshir Zahedi?

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H.E. Ardeshir Zahedi's recent VOA interview:


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Anonymous said...

Hi.I watch that clip on youTube about late Gen.M.Rahimi.Thank you and it's regretful.do you have any about late Gen. Khosroudad?
Be happy

Anonymous said...

Aryamehr Jan: I wish I could translate the whole thing into English. I can't wait to buy his book. At any rate: Khatami, the smiling snake is being awarded an honorary degree by St. Andrews University. What a travesity.

This is from Amir's website:

Khatami in St. Andrews
September 26th, 2006
Hojjatolesmal Sayyed Mohammad Khatami, president of the Islamic Republic of Iran from 1997 to 2005, has been scheduled to inaugurate an Iranian Studies department with a lecture. He will also be awarded an honorary doctoral degree. I just received a forwarded email from Sayeh Saidi-Sirjani, daughter of one of the many intellectuals butchered during his presidency.

From: Sayeh, sayehssirjani@yahoo.com

Subject: URGENT on khatami’s visit to the UK to receive honorary award from St. Andrews University

To: ns30@st-andrews.ac.uk, On-lineEditor@theherald.co.uk, letters@theherald.co.uk, foraffcom@parliament.uk, press.enquiries@judiciary.gsi.gov.uk, general.queries@dca.gsi.gov.uk

Sayeh Sirjani (Photo from Iranian.com)

Dear Dr. Scott,

I am the daughter of late Iranian scholar ” Ali Akbar Saidi Sirjani”. Sirjani was author of more than 29 books on Iranian literature and history (see: www.saidisirjani.com) In his open will, he has specifically pointed to Mohammad Khatami as responsible for his murder. After 1979, Khatami was appointed as Khomeini’s special agent at ” Keyhan” newspaper. He inaugurated the torturing intellectuals through his special powers gained as the consequence of being in charge of the only newspaper. Then he became the head of ” ershad” - same as department of censorship.

Khatami banned my Father’s works. He burned his books. When in March 1994, 28 armed Islamic republic guards entered our house in guise of postmen, - where my mother and I were all alone, and where we were hold hostage for 3 whole days, - they took all my father’s hand-written and ready to publish works: complete set of his works on his project on a new Persian Dictionary; his tapes of his interviews with his best friends, some of the greatest Iranian intellectuals such as Ali Dashti, Dr. Parviz Khanlari and Dr. Mozafar Baghaie Kermani; “Tarikh bidari Iranian” a 2-volume work on the Iranian Constitutional Revolution; along with any piece of paper with my late father hand-writing on it. They took all his published and non published works, his notes and letters including 2 unpublished books saved on his computer.

Sirjani’s murder was announced as a death in prison: on November 1994. Then Khatami became president of Islamic Republic three years later, only after he did his best in cutting strong roots of Iran’s culture and literature and any opposition against Islamic Republic.

The young generation of Iranian Student however did stand up. You most certainly have seen the video of his last speech in Tehran University, where students kept chanting “enough lies.” Some of the most brutal arrests and killings of students happened during khatami’s 8 years as the chief executive of the Islamic Republic.

Now your university, St. Andrews, is ruining its reputation by inviting Khatami. I am writing to you asking to CANCEL this invitation. Khatami deserves nothing but a fair tribunal dealing with the Islamic Republic’s many crimes against Iranians. The Arrest of Khatami is something the UK ought to do, not rewarding him with an honorary degree.

Attached please find useful information related to Mohammad Khatami.

With best wishes,

Sayeh ( Saeedi) Sirjani

Saidi Sirjani Center for Persian Literature
P.O.Box 1076
Genoa, NV 89411

Here is few lines on Khatami, published by Islamic government before his presidency years:

Hojatoleslam Khatami chaired the Islamic Center of Hamburg, Germany before the triumph of the 1979 Islamic Revolution as proposed by martyr Mohammad Beheshti. He represented Ardakan and Meybod constituencies in the first term of Majlis [Parliament]. He also served as Imam Khomeini’s representative at and head of Kayhan Institute, as Culture and Islamic Guidance Minister during the premiership of Hussein Mousavi and the presidency of Hojatoleslam Ali Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani. He is currently head of the national library and presidential advisor for cultural affairs.

I'm utterly appalled by this charade and theatre of absurd. It feels like I'm in a twilight zone.
Part of our fight against Islamic extremist terrorism must include accentuation of our Human Rights values, not actions (i.e. awarding an honorary doctrol degree to a master criminal and abomination to humanity by a Western institution such as St. Andrews) that dilute our values and place us on the same plane as heretics who murder,stone, bully, terrorize, and torture in the name of Allah.

Anonymous said...

From Ayatollah to Pope
September 27th, 2006
Below you’ll find the letter (dated 23rd of September 2006,) of Ayatolah sayyed Hossein Khazemini Borojerdi, who according to himself commands the greatest independent religious constituency (Shiite Islam) in Iran. He writes to Pope about all the problems the so-called Islamic Republic has caused him and his followers, from emotional to physical torture. His father he says has been killed under suspicious circumstances in hospital after being pressured by the regime. Following his death, his mosque in which he’s preached for half a century has been expropriated and his grave site has been demolished and visitors to the cemetery have been arrested and tortured and currently no one can approach the site.
Of himself, a direct descendent of the prophet Mohammad, according to himself, he writes that in the past 14 years he has been under duress by the government, simply because he preaches separation of religion from government. His crime he says, is that he unveils the truth of Islam, which is the message of peace and compassion; his crime is that he offers a reading of Shiite Islam, whose ultimate leader woke his enemy from sleep and offered him a possibility of escape rather than to terrorize him.
Now that he is writing this letter, he says, he is on verge of being killed and it has been fifty days that his house has been surrounded by the government and a sentence of execution has been passed on him and his followers, and yet until now he has resisted, yet he expects a final assault on his house to culminate at any moment.
His last prayer ceremony, he says, based on evidences from all independent news sources has flooded all the neighboring streets and alleyways. Yet the state news agencies do not report on him and prevent outsiders to investigate the situation. He has appealed to the United Nations and other human rights organizations.
He expects these agencies and Pope to expose his plight to the world community.

Aryamehr said...

Dear Hasti,

Unfortunately I haven't seen any clips on Gen. Khosrowdad, will let you know if I come across one.


Yes Mullah "Fariba" Khatami is going to the U.K. to meet up with his masters...

Aryamehr said...


The Iranian people would be fools to fall for another backward muslim clergyman (mullah).

As far as i'm concerned a good mullah is one 6ft below earth.

Leave them and let them rip each other apart because it will be in the best interests of Iran.

Never again.