Monday, March 05, 2007

Pahlavi meets Napoleon at Egypt expo in Paris

HIH Princess Napoleon Bonaparte (descendant of French Emperor Napoleon) and HIM Shahbanou* Farah Pahlavi of Iran met in Paris during an exhibition in Paris’ Grand Palais entitled Les Trésors Engloutis D’Egypt (The Sunken Treasures of Egypt).

Darius Kadivar has the story...Pahlavi meets Napoleon at Egypt expo in Paris (CLICK)

God bless our Empress. May we soon see her return to the motherland.

I really do hope that Iranians will stand up and reclaim their country from the black reactionary forces that have kept them and their country hostage for 28 years! The bastard child of a lowly human and an ape (AhmadiNejad) and those of his ilk have to be brought before Iranian courts of justice for their crimes against the Iranian Nation and humanity!

*just to clarify any confusion - "Shahbanou" is the Iranian term for "Empress"

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