Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Fereydoun Farokhzad - An Iranian Patriot

Fereydoun Farokhzad was an Iranian singer, a poet, a showman, political activist, and prominent opposition figure, with a PhD in Political Science. He fought with all his beeing against the Islamists and would come to loose his life because of this. He also referred to the backward nature of Islam in many of his speeches.

Due to the threat he posed against the Islamic regime occupying Iran and their interests the terrorist mullah's sent an execution squad which savagely stabbed and beheaded Fereydoun on 8th August 1992, at his home in Bonn (Germany). None were charged by the German government in connection with his death and the lucrative deals that Germany had/has with the terrorist Islamic Republic continues to this day.

Hamrazmanam (persian):

Fereydoun Farokhzad (persian):

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Anonymous said...

Dorud my dear comrade.

Surely the German government didn't anything in order to probe the issue and arrest those bastard Islamic murderers, because as you pointed they didn't want to miss their highly-profitable deals with the Mullahs. We Iranians will cancell all the imperialistic deals which the Mullahs have signed with these European money-lover pigs and thus will stop the exploition of our national resources.

Anyway, how was the Charshanbeh-Suri for you? Did you participate in the festival?


Aryamehr said...

Dorood Ardashir-jaan,

A free Iran will not forget those who supported the terrorists occupying the country and oppressing Iranians.

Chaharshanbe Soori was just a quite night for me as i'm away from the family and there aren't any Iranians around.

Anonymous said...

Iran needs someone like him right now...He was a mighty force among the opposition because he knew how to communicate with masses effectively.

Winston said...

RIP Fereydoun

Anonymous said...

" Ah, Religion, the noblest of lies " - Plato 500 years Before Christ.

You see, Aryamehr, I for one would rather live in a country ruled by a so called "Lavish" king, who respects the basic rights and freedoms of his people, rather than in a country ruled by Fascism and Terror.

This is EXACTLY what happened to my country, Romania. HRM King Mihai II's Grandfather was not a Romanian at all, but an Austrian. This Austrian {The Austro-Hungarians having enslaved Transylvania's Romanians for about 300 years by the beginning of the 1900's} was a great, and ultimately loved King because he was very competent, gained much land for Romania from the Russians, Hungarians and Bulgars and ultimately Adopted Romanian culture until it was almost unknown that he, King Carol I was indeed, not Romanian. He was a great man and very much so respected.

However his son, King Carol II was a whore-monger and a patron of the Jews, under his rule, Romania lost two quarters of its lands briefly claimed by his father, so bad and incompetent was his rule, that he tried to bring the Russians into Romania {Something that happened anyways} just to keep his Jewess and himself in power. He died of cancer, but not before ruining the country. King Mihai II was a young, and seemingly competent King, but his rule was cut short by something that Iran has yet never had to face, Communism. Almost as bad as Islamic Fanaticism, Communism ended what might of been a Golden-Age for my country after WW2. I won't go into any more detail, but to sum things up, Romania would of been way better off with a King, rather than almost 60 years of Communist anti-productive governance.

This is also true for Iran. In Antiquity, Iran's Kings were praised for their Gallant and Noble attitudes, by their own enemies none the less {Greeks; Herodotus, Teucydides and so forth}
I believe that had the Shahanshah remained on the throne, NONE of the drama surrounding Iran would of occured, America would not of had any levarage against Iran, and with Saddam crushed, Iran may even have gone ahead and acquired some terrirory from the Iraqi Arabs.

This is all theoretical, however.

None the less, I wish that Freedom would be restored to that part of the world, for I'd love to visit Persepolis, I've read so much about the Achaemenids, Parthians and Sassanids, it would be a sheer pleasure to visit their lands.

Best of everything to the freedom fighters of Iran.


Aryamehr said...

Dear Vlad,

Thank for your recent comments, I appreciate it.

Anonymous said...

Dorud bar MR aryamehr and MR ardashir.Good evenning to you,dear friends one comment about Fereydoun Farokhzad whom i knew personally he was a fantastic man and he loved our beloved majesty the late king of kings shahanshah aryamehr.the german government prefered to shut their mouth and make buisness deals with these faccist islamic terrroist mollahs and ragheads in iran shame on the chanceller of germany that time. i would like to add one hero a true hero that must be said here it is our great beloved General Nader Jahanbani whom we are familly related knowing him well personally he was one of the most heroic general ever and one of the best fighter pilot in the world.dear General Nader Jahanbani may god bless your soul you are a true hero and you will always be in my heart you fereydoun farokhzad also sleep in peace as we will prevail very sincerlly yours Tirdad Gharib .usa