Monday, January 22, 2007

Military action against the Islamic Republic occupying Iran is NOT necessary!

Military action against the Islamic Republic occupying Iran is being mentioned more often in the MSM (main-stream-media) - however the viewpoints of the Iranian people who suffer under that regime have not found their way to the MSM. Isn't that quite peculiar?! Could we for once listen to the voice of normal people instead of individuals who are totally out of touch with realities?! or for that matter those who do not have the interests of neither people at heart!!

I think I speak for the overwhelming majority of Iranians, in particular the 70% of the population who are under 30, when I say that no foreign military invasion of our country is needed to defeat the savage Islamic Republic!

Listen to the voices of Iranians student leaders like Amir-Abbas Fakhravar who says:
Fakhr-Avar believes the revolution can be accomplished within ten months to a year. He does not ask for much from the Americans: “What we really need is the tools,” he says. “Cell phones, computers, cameras, publication ability. This is the funding we need for our (revolutionary) activities, to coordinate within Iran and outside.”

Read whole exclusive interview with Iranian student leader Amir-Abbas Fakhravar by CLICKING HERE.

For another viewpoint on how to go about defeating the Islamists occupying Iran please review fmr Imperial Iranian Ambassador Hashem Hakimi's open letter to President Bush by CLICKING HERE.

Instead of sending their sons and daughters to war, the leaders of the United States, if they really care about their country should support their natural allies in Iran - which are the Iranian people. Support and empower the Iranian people to overthrow this illegitimate terrorist Islamic regime and send it to HELL where it belongs! Iranians have had to live under this hellish regime for 28 years. They know this regime and the criminals who run it inside out! They know what needs to be done! All they need is your support and empowerment! Maybe one should ask the U.S. servicemen and women who would be involved in any military invasion of Iran whether what the Iranian people are asking for is REASONABLE OR NOT!?!?!

P.S. If it's not too much to ask for do bring this to the attention of the U.S. servicemen and U.S. public for them to firstly be aware of what is at stake and for them to know that there are much more viable options to deal with this barbaric Islamic regime!



Freedomnow said...

As a side note (and not as a point of hostile criticism) I would like to emphasize that the Shah was not a very democratic ruler, so his picture seems a bit out of place. This is only meant as constructive criticism, since you asked for my opinion. I understand that you admire him, I just have to state my feelings up front.

Your suggestion that the US should help Iranian activists realize their dreams of democracy is welcomed by most Americans. The Iranian government is not only a problem for the people of your country, but throughout the region as well.

Although we are already in a proxy war with the Iranian government (since they are supplying weapons to anti-American groups in Iraq), there is no chance that the US will invade. We can barely keep up enough support for our efforts in Iraq so this is not an option. However, the Iranian government could escalate the crisis since they have came this far already. The talk of a US invasion is just leftwing propaganda.

The one point that Hakimi makes that I like the most is that Iran’s frozen assets should be released to the opposition. We certainly need to do more to support the Iranian people. However, these efforts would be staunchly opposed by many leftwing activists. In England you have Galloway and Livingstone. You are probably aware of their reflexive habit of supporting the enemies of civilization.

So keep in mind that the Left will be a more formidable opponent than the Islamic Republic because they will bitterly fight you to keep the status quo, but you wont be able to touch them in their ivory towers. They have perfected supporting illiberal regimes and terrorist movements for political gain.

The silent majority here in the West is behind the Iranian people. We need your help as much as you need ours. You can help convince those that embrace intellectually lazy ideals that there are people in the Middle East who really want change and are starving for freedom. For some reason they want to be convinced that this is worth fighting for.

After a quarter of century it is gratifying to see that the Iranian people have kept their liberal beliefs. The Islamist fanatics have failed and it is ironic that it is the younger generation that embraces reform when they barely remember anything except religious law.

Viva the Real Revolution!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gayle said...

It's an interesting and logical concept, Aryamehr, but I don't know if it's possible. The reason I say that is first of all, hasn't Iran shut down the people's right to satelite television and computers? I know there are many good Iranian citizens who don't go along with the regime, and I hate the fact that war always hurts innoncent people. The fact of the matter is that in war, governments deal with governments and the people are always the victims. I'm not saying that's the way it should be done; I'm saying that's the way it's always been done. Can it be changed? I don't know, hon.

I'm going to put you in touch with a blogger who does far more work on the Iranian issue than I do. Here is her link, and I will send you her link. Perhaps she can do a better job assessing this suggestion than I.

I don't know how to get the link to work in blogger. It doesn't work the same way as HaloScan which is what I use for comments, but you can copy and paste it.

Gayle said...

Oops! I'm sorry hon. The link I gave you for Roxie is wrong. Here's a correction:

Winston said...

I doubt Fakhravar wants a military action on Iran. He simply says that if attacked, mullahs wont fight. I agree with him 100%

blank said...

America did pass an act to assist Iranians with exactly these things. the "Iran Freedom Support Act" was done exactly for those purposes, so to say America does not try other avenues is not a fair statement.

At the same time, those Islamic revolutionary terrorists occupying the government of Iran have stepped up their nuclear program and expanded their exportation of worldwide terrorism.

A real concern exists that this occupying government in Iran will funnel nuclear toxins to their Hezbollah in and outside Iran.

So it it race. Will the great Iranian people take back their nation, or will the fears of those in world reach the "Pope Urban II age" level?

It is my hope that the election of the President who needs a bath was the beginning of the end of the Islamic occupation of Iran. It is my hope that the Iranian people triumph over the occupation of Iran.

As a citizen I aplogise for America's part in helping the extremists to occupy Iran, when President Carter gave his support to the Ayatollah and ignorantly supported the very human rights abuses he hoped to prevent.

I stand with the Iranian people against the occupation of Iran by extremists.

Aryamehr said...

Dear freedomnow, without going into to much detail into this argument as it is not the main focus here, you are more than correct that the late Shah of Iran was not a "democratic leader"; however he was a great patriot and as an Iranian who did not live back then i've come to the conclusion that the country was not ready for democracy considering that our country had only recently stepped out of the stone age after 1400 years of miserable rule and occupation of foreign armies.

Leaving that for now I agree with you that the left be it in the U.S. or Europe has consistently shown that they rather have innocent blood on their hands and continue to appease terrorist regime across the world - the Islamic Republic being no exception. Just watch the pathetic President of France' recent desperate gesture of sending his foreign minister to Iran for "dialouge"!!

What we the freedom-loving people of the world need to do is to get the word out so that the MSM is forced to report our views and especially those of the Iranian people. Enough of these staged documentaries of stooges like Ted Koppel! If you want to know the Iranian peoples' opinions you don't go in the middle of the street and ask if the person supports the Islamist guards standing next to him! You go underground like Canadian journalist did, finding out the widespread hatred for the Islamist regime; especially amongst the youth.

Aryamehr said...

Dear Gayle, what i'm trying to say is that the U.S. government if it really cares for its troops should not endanger them when more viable means exist such as supporting Iranians in their quest to overthrow that hideous Islamist regime.

The only military action by the U.S. that I could agree with is sending in special forces to train Iranians in doing the job. An invasion will lead to too many innocent lives being lost which none of us want to see. If there is a way to ensure that only Islamists are killed then it would of course be great but it's not very likely is it...

Aryamehr said...

Hey Winston, sorry I can see why you think that my previous title hinted that Fakhravar supports military invasion which is not the case if one reads his comments; i've corrected the title so there are no misunderstandings.

Aryamehr said...

Dear Roxie,

Yes i'm aware of that recent act but i'm afraid it will NOT be going to the sources it needs to go but will go to useless radio stations like "Radio Farda" which plays pop music 24/7!! Even VOA is way too soft in its reporting! These funds need to go to student leaders on the ground, striking workers etc. We need to make sure they get to the right hands - to the people who will actually use them for fruitful causes.

Gayle said...

Thank you for your response to my comment. Like Freedom Now, I doubt that we will be invading Iran; we have our hands full as it is. I also understand what you're saying regarding getting the needed supplies to the actual people who will make the best use of them.

I agree that sending in special forces to train people would be an excellent idea, but don't see how to get our Government to do that.

Freedomnow said...


I'd like to comment more on this subject, but I am pressed for time.

I'll see you soon...

Frieda said...

I don't believe America will invade or attack Iran. The hype is there but I believe it's there for physiological warfare. We can't believe every leak that comes out from different group or department within the government. Bush has only 2 years into his presidency and he won't start a "traditional" war that he can not finish. I think he already have started his non-tradition war against war. It seems that they are using the same strategy that they used against Soviet Union. It will take longer but the change is near.

benning said...

I wonder if the Mullahs will give up power without a Civil War. Their bloody philosophy seems to preclude any peaceful change in government. Sure, a "moderate" can be elected, but he will be marginalized, as before, and the real power will reside with the Mullahs.

As long as the Mullahs seek nuclear weapons - peaceful nuclear energy is a sham in today's Iran - they endanger all of the Middle East, and other nations as well.

I wish you well, and I pray for a peaceful, lasting, change in the government there, but I ain't holding my breath.

Aryamehr said...

Hey Benning,

No "moderate" or "reformist" per our definition in the west can be elected in Iran. The theocratic establishment only allows those loyal to the regime to be elected - there are those mullah's who are greedy for more money like Mullah Rafsanjani who favor better economic relations but in the end they are all loyal to the regime and hellbent on wiping out any opposition to their dictatorship. The same goes for charlatans like Mullah Khatami who was labeled as a reformist by the western press when he was anything but! He spoke eloquently of philosophy and peace abroad but inside the country the story was different! When the students organized huge nation-wide demonstrations in 1999 he ordered the Islamic vigilantees, at the regime's disposal, to put down the unrest by all means and called the students "trash and troublemakers".

The Islamic Republic needs to be isolated and the Iranian people need to be empowered this is the only viable solution which is in the interests of all nations Iranians, Americans and the rest of the world.

Anonymous said...

Tack Aryamehr
Jag skall sluta läsa majeds friairanvanner blogg och läsa din och ardavans.
Han försvarade den polska författaren på sin blog och tappar sin trovärdighet

Anonymous said...

Aryamehr: Unfortunately, most Americans view Khatami as another Mikhail Gorbachev – Glsnost and all (i.e. reformist). Sadly, it isn’t the case for Iran and ‘seems’ Condi should have known better, despite her Soviet expertise, only. Too sad but true. We’ll see how that particular approach works, I don’t think it will.

Aryamehr said...


Det ar helt ofattbart hur nagon kan forsvara den dar idioten och hans logner...

Freedomnow said...

Thanks for acknowledging the Shah's lack of sympathy for democracy. Since you hold him in such high regard I think that you are being very gracious on that point...

The US intentionally left open the possibility of military strikes only as a bargaining chip. Like I said earlier the US has its hands full with Iraq and Afghanistan. We needed something to bargain with because Russia and China have been very wary of sanctions to isolate Iran, and that is our only bargaining chip.

The EU and American democrats over-reacted and undermined US policy against Iran. It was a big mistake, but they will twist any lessons learned from these actions and fail to really learn anything about dealing with rogue regimes like the Iranian govt.

Here in the states I meet many Iranians and they typically avoid identifying their nationality. When they do reveal where they are from, they more often than not say that they are Persian. It is a pity that they feel so uncomfortable, especially because America's cities are so cosmopolitan that we dont usually hold someone's ethnicity against them.

As a matter of fact, many of us are more likely to sympathize with Iranians out of respect for the oppression that you all have suffered from.

Aryamehr said...


I havent acknowledged "the Shah's lack of sympathy for democracy", however I have acknowledged that Iran during the Shah was not a perfect democracy. The thing is that the Iranian people were not ready for democracy back in those days. They even proved it in 1979. There was much to be done for democracy to be fully implemented and the late Shah was working arduously towards bringing the population to such a point when a truly democratic government could be established.

Yaakov Kirschen said...


Sounds logical and intelligent, but expecting the Iranian people to rise up against their Mullah oppressors might be a bit optimistic and is certainly a wild gamble for my country, Israel.

Iran is threatening to nuke Israel.
I live in Israel.
We don't have the luxury of waiting to see if the bully who threatens to destroy us will be stopped by his countrymen and women.

We have yet to see any Iranian anti-gov't demonstrations of students carrying rather than burning Israeli flags.

Dry Bones
Israel's Political Comic Strip Since 1973

Aryamehr said...


I know exactly what you mean with we cannot afford to... God knows how I would be feeling if a country had threatened mine to be wiped off the map! But I know that you are informed enough to distinguish between the Iranian people and the Islamist government which has occupied that country for 28 years now.

In 1999 there were huge student-led demonstrations across the country forcing the Islamic Republic to implement martial law in Tehran. No country came to the aid of the Iranian people at that time and after several days of intense street battles with the Islamist forces the demonstrations where put down and thousands arrested. Ever since that date "9 July" has been commemorated as "Students Day" and although never having reached the peak of the original date (tens of thousands had taken to the streets) many significant protests have taken place in the following years.

We must realize that conducting a protest under the Islamic Republic is signing your own death warrant or at best a trip to the infamous Evin prison where political prisoners are tortured, left to rot or simply executed. Without clear and concrete support from outside be it the U.S. or even Israel indicating that they support the Iranian people, i'm afraid the majority of Iranians will go about trying to make a living under the horrible conditions imposed upon them.

I do believe in this alternative option as being far more viable and worth the attention of those concerend about the Islamist Republic.

Anonymous said...

I'm pleased to see our American and Israeli friends here sharing their views. I don't have much command on English language like many other Iranian friends nere so please bear with me while reading my comment. Appreciate it very much.
USA has already tried and won a historical non-violent war tactic and brought down her most formidable, powerful and by far the most capable adversary. This efficient tactic was the infamous Cold-War which at the end toppled the resilient Soviet Union. Question is why US government is not trying the same tactic against the Totalitarian Jihadist regime occupying Iran? considering USSR never fought a classic war against USA although they did orchestrate some proxy war but nothing ever serious as what Jihadist has done just inside American soil and all over the world ever since 1992. Islamist Jihadist regime of Iran is not solely Iranian's problem it threatens the peace and safety of the whole world. As I mentioned an effective cold war tactic will eventually remove this fungous from the face of the earth. Living in USA I could have a humble advise for my American friends (as a matter of fact for all civilized nations) CONSERVE ENERGY.... No I'm not being sarcastic if 500 million fossil fuel dependent people could conserve 5 gallons of refined fuel per month that will be over 500 mil barrel of gasoline per year which equates to 1.2 Bil barrels of crude oil. It sound childish but it is a fact and practical. If price of crude falls below 40 USD it will not take long before Jihadist Republic of Iran will be history so will tyrannic regime in Syria (enjoying $12 per Barl oil from its buddy IRI) and hezbolla. Just my humble opinion.

Anonymous said...

"They know this regime and the criminals who run it inside out! They know what needs to be done! All they need is your support and empowerment!" You guys would know a lot better than we would what needs to be done and how it needs to be done. I don't see why we don't hook you guys up, considering Qods Force has been nailing us since March 20, 2003.