Friday, January 05, 2007

Unconfirmed Reports: Khameini is dead!


Supreme Leader of the terrorist Islamic Republic Seyed Ali Khameini is DEAD!
"NOJA" the Military Guard of the Islamic Republic occupying Iran has been put on alert!


Pajamas Media - Michael Leeden
Iran Va Jahan

Awaiting further news and confirmation which will be posted.

UPDATE 1: Farideh Vafai spokeswoman for Crown Prince Reza Pahlavi of Iran, made the following comment to PJM Washington Editor Richard Miniter:

“We cannot confirm this news. We have heard rumors but so far have no confirmation.”

Ms. Vafai was reached at Pahlavi’s Secretariat in Falls Church, VA.


UPDATE 2: Islamic Republic denies report that the Supreme Thief and Mass Murderer has died - CLICK HERE.



Winston said...

I saw it on Pajamas Media this afternoon but can't confirm it. I am trying to find out more about it.

Anonymous said...

doesn't seem to be any confirmation yet. But even if he isn't dead, he will be soon.

Anonymous said...

Who will replace the beast?

BTW, am I the only one worried about Iran being bankrupt by 2015?
I'm referring to Stern's analysis of Iran's oil. For more info see my blog.

Winston said...

hey, Mullah Ebadi will be on VOA roundtable program today. I am wondering if we could try calling in and ask her a few tough questions.