Sunday, December 17, 2006

Muslim hate towards anything Iranian!

I've tried to explain the difference between the vast majority of Iranians in Iran today who call themselves or label themselves as "muslim" because of historical events but who in reality are anything but, and the TRUE muslims who are nothing less than SAVAGE TERRORISTS with one mission - Worldwide Islamic Dominance!

I've also written about how Iranians are awakening from 1400 years of Islamic dominance and beginning to reject it. An entire nation is awakening to discover their true identities and will pose as a lethal force towards this very regime (Islamic Republic; 1979-Present) which tried hard to eradicate any evidence of that past identity hidden by 1400 years of Islamic occupation.
Here's a rather well-written recent article regarding this national awakening: CLICK HERE.

In this entry i'd like to bring to your attention an infamous muslim whose hate for Iran and its heritage was no secret. In fact upon his arrival to Iran in 1979, courtesy of Air France (!), he was asked what his feelings were upon returning; in an emotionless voice the Ayatollah replied: "Nothing."

There are literally hundreds of statements by this muslim describing his hate for anything Iranian. One wonders how this bastard child of an Indian Kashmiri (hence his middle name "Hendi" which means Indian in persian) and a British soldier (who converted to Islam) could take over a country which he had no affiliation with!

I was reading an article today and came across yet another disgusting anti-Iranian comment by this bastard child.

Ayatollah Ruhollah Hendi Khomeini's speech delivered in Qom, 1980:

"We do not worship Iran, we worship Allah; For patriotism is another name for paganism. I say let this land [Iran] burn. I say let this land go up in smoke, provided Islam emerges triumphant in the rest of the world."

All I have to comment on this is that I could not wish for anything more than these muslims joining their satanic moon-god "Allah" ASAP! And for the Iranian Nation to awaken from 1400 years of disastrous Islamic dominance!



Anonymous said...

Awesome post. Can I reprint it in my blog?

Read my latest entry about the reformists and give me your feedbak. I would appreciate it.

Aryamehr said...

You are more than welcome serendip. BTW I had posted your friends letter to "President AN" on a forum but it doesn't look like anyone will translate it into persian...if my persian was good enough I would have done it myself...

Anonymous said...

Good article. Actually, part of my ancestry is Iranian Zartoshti by birth not Parsee. I would query and add a few points such as: Yes, Mithra is a “Zartoshti archangel of good governance” but, “Mithraism”, i.e. worshipping it is not part of original Zartosht teachings. Also, Cyrus the Great united the “Medeans” with the “Persians” to establish the first Persian Empire (Achaemenian dynasty).

Now, the concept of “karma” is believed to have originated from Zartosht teachings i.e. in Persian “Kaar-e-maa”. As for the renowned Iranian Poets, he forgets to mention Khayyam (even more significant than Hafez and Rumi in this context – Ferdowsi has a unique status) – of course Khayyam was also a philosopher and a mathematician.

“New converts don’t just give up their former spiritual and ethical world-view; they usually bring them along, transferring the old wine into the new bottle.” This is what Carl Jung would call Collective Subconscious. The fact that old practices and beliefs are indelibly imprinted in the nation’s psyche much to the dismay of the Mullahs.

Unfortunately, not many Iranians, nowadays, know the true meaning of Zartosht’s teachings, even if they celebrate holidays such as Nowrooz and Mehregaan. Their current knowledge is rather rudimentary. I think some solid education would be in order.

A blog which may be of interest to you and your readers.

Happy Yalda for December 21.

Aryamehr said...

Happy Yalda "SM"-jaan.

Anonymous said...

ey baba
che gadar gir midind be din
akhonda az yek var zor mikonand shoma ham ke az yek vare dige mikhaidn ba zor dine adamo begirind va yek dine dige zor konind be adam
moshgele ma din nist moshgele ma adamhai hastand ke dine zor mikonand be adam ya mikhand ba zor dine az adam begirand.

Aryamehr said...

ANON: Na Azizam,

What we are doing is spreading AGHAAI ("awareness"). Practicing Islam as prescribed by the taazinameh (koran) would make you a terrorist and thus in a free Iran security forces would have to detain or neutralize you. In the free Iran however if you want to continue with your fake Islam, as long as you pose no threat to society, you should be free to do so. Again we are not talking about taking away anything which people are rightfully allowed to have/keep/practice - what we are doing is informing people of the barbarity of this savage arab religion. And believe me although you might be closing your eyes to reality in the beginning a lot of Iranians won't and further more a lot more Iranians will open their eyes with time.

Anonymous said...


"aghaii" shoma ya eteelate shoma chizi nist ke miljonha irania ke mosalmon khodehona midonand nazareshon avaz beshe.
chizi ke shoma ha migind "eslam terrorisr" eslam dine bad valli madraki nadary vasash.

man nistam ke cheshmamo bastam, etefgahn shoma ahstind ke roz be roz darind khodetona az mardom iran dor mikonind be dalile inke be dineshon tohin mikonind.
man khodamo shah dost midonam va bar akse kheili az shah dostand ke darand dori mikonand az royalista be dalile in harfaie shoma ke eslam intore eslam ontore man ghabol nadram va bejash migam shah dost bodan in nist ke az eslam doori konind. shah masolitesho be iran va eslam midonest.

cheshmatono vaz konind ta dir nashode va befahmind ke mellate iran mosalmon midonand khodeshona va yeki az dalile ke mellate iran zede akhonda hastand ine ke az dineshon darand so estefade mikonand ke be ghodrate khodeshon berasand.

Aryamehr said...


You're not following. The evidence is all out there and has been presented. If you've arrived late you can look under my "Islam-Exposing" link on the right-hand side of my blog or go through my posts pertaining to Islam.

Also please post in english on my blog (if you are going to post something longer than usual) so that other readers can understand what you are saying as well - this is afterall an english-language blog.

This savage religion of Islam will suffer a humiliating defeat - rest assured. Please refrain from calling Iranians muslims as I see that as a great insult. Iranians might label themselves muslim due to historical events and because they are denied information about their history, but they are anything but muslims in practice.

You must be an old-timer who is nearing the end of his life and cannot accept reality that the religion he has proudly claimed is in fact a savage and filthy anti-Iranian ideology.

I'm sorry that you will leave this earth with this filthy legacy on your soul; however I do not have time to focus on this old generation - my duty is towards the new generation of Iran and for them not to end up like yourself.

As for you claiming to be a monarchist this could matter less in this case. I rather have a true and enlightened Iranian republican next to me than an old-timer monarchist like yourself who doesn't want to accept the truth about Islam.



Anonymous said...

Aryamehr jan: Loved your rebutt...hahaha

Read my latest entry about Muslims and the resurgence of the Christian Crusaders.

Anonymous said...

you are so funny
as i said before you have no evidence and i am only 25 years old.
i am one of iranian who understand my people and plz come on say that in iran and i promise you no one no one would agree with you.
as i said before our religions is dear to ous and steel i hav not seen any evidence from people like you, all of you just talk.
come to iran and see ashora or go and talk to guys in iran who have been in prison and talk about islam or the best thing go and ask guys and girls who supports 18 tir, i have talked to them and i have been one of them. of 100 of ous you might find only 1 who is been against islam.
and plz your you can keep your duty for your self because we the new generation know much more better then sit beside mullahs who calls other for kaffar or site beside people like you who calls peoples religion for dirty.

by the way i thought this is about iran and you can find plenty fo iranians who can not read english but read farsi but it is you call.

you can inslut how much you want but there is no one to hear you, maybe some guys who want a dictator again who want make iran to something they have no information about and what ever you want or not islam would be always there.
before you talk about islam go and find out what iranian young people belive in but probely you have not been in iran and have no ide about them and plz sir dont inslut other just because you dont like their stile of living.
dont make same mistake as mullahs do when they call other for kafar just because they dont have same religion as them.
i would not take you time thanks for everything

Anonymous said...

Dear anon: I don't hear you complaining about those muslim armies who took your Zoroastrian religion from you by the sword and by raping and pillaging Iranian cities like Tisphoon. Does Islam take away one's brain? Or you're not allowed to use brain according to Islam? Why don't you study Islam and see how it's stolen everything from Judaism or Chrisitianity. Have you even bothered to study other religions? or you just accept what others tell you like a good little sheep?

Although, I can't blame you for thinking Islam is somehow in your genes and something you shouldn't question. You're indoctrinated from early age to subjugate yourself to the will of Allah and to be obdient slaves mindlessly and dutifully to Allah.

Aryamehr said...


I'm funny!? You should see yourself trying to convince ME that Islam is a peaceful god-sent religion!
If i'm funny you're hilarious!

You're only 25!? My condolences to you then...but perhaps you don't have to take this shameful legacy with you to the grave. You still have time to learn. You still have time to die an Iranian instead of a lost muslim soul.

Iranians have seen the true face of this filthy ideology and are turning away from it. If anything the advent of the Islamic Republic has contributed to our new generation becoming more secular and many claiming to be agnostic!

Keep your religion dear to yourself and keep it private that's your right - but don't expect me to sit quiet and not exercise my freedom of speech in enlightening my compatriots about the truth of this filthy Arab ideology which they have been denied for 1400 years.

See you're an exeption. Millions of Iranians yearn for knowledge and information which they are denied under the mullah-cracy; you on the other hand rather keep the un-known un-known because you can't handle the truth. Your whole life revolves around Islam! Afterall Islam is a way of life.

I hope you can put this disgusting "way of life" to the side and embrace Iranian values. I hope you can open your eyes and accept reality.

Yes i've seen ashora celebrations. Where a minority of hardcore muslim brainwashed sheep mutilate their bodies whilst civilized Iranian youth use the opportunity to socialize! How bizzarre, but this is the truth under the Islamic Republic!

Iranian society is awaiting a "paak-saazi". This revival of Iranian culture will take place despite protests like muslims like yourselves because finally the power-tide is about to turn. Your deceitful lies, the same that your muslim clergy told our impoverished society for 1400 years will no longer have an effect.

Islam is dead.
Islam has no future in Iran.
Islam failed.

Now if you hold this Arab ideology so dear to you I suggest you move to your ideological homeland which would be in the deserts of Saudi Arabia.

Anonymous said...

Anon: Millions of Nazi also followed Hitler and its fascistic culture and ideology. It doesn't mean that the entire world should accept it because millions of brainwashed extremists believe in it. Islam is a totalitarian ideology that has no respect for humanity and human rights...Islam is digging its own grave by being so arrogant and violent...Open your eyes and see the truth of Islam around you. There are 1.5 billion moslem and more than 5.5 billion non-muslims...We will not let moslems fascists to win.

Aryamehr said...

And the thing is only a minority of that 1.5 bn mass of "muslims" are TRUE muslims and practicing that backward ideology.

The majority are the ones that need to be educated about the label they've been given (passed down through generations) or have attached to themselves out of ignorance/ mis-information.

Anonymous said...

I've said this before in another blog: Islam is a Political Doctrine.

All one has to do is look at the character and deeds of its prophet, especially after he moved to Medina. The power of Islam, largely, comes from Politics and War. That is a historical fact and holds true to this date; even the so-called moderate muslims recognize this fact. The 7th Century Islamic Laws (Sharia) look to control every single aspect of one's life. I very much doubt it can be reformed because it claims to base its practices on the word of Allah which cannot be verified. It continues to be a dangerous ideology and doctrine as it stands; more so when the radical elements of Islam dominate and are much more vocal.

Anonymous said...

ok this would be my last post here
and i would never more disturb you
you can talk about your educatios how much you want but as i said try to educate a amir kabir student whi9ch have fought for democracy but belive in islam,
i know much more about zartosht and christinaty then you. i even have zartoshti in my familj and steel i prefer to be muslim as 65 milion other iranian.
something that i know but you dont is that young iranian in iran prefer to see them as muslims.
good luck and i hope some day you stop to dream and see the real rality.
islam would always be our religion.

Anonymous said...

aya aghaaye mehr,

about the isg report, hitler and ahmadinezhad

Anonymous said...

Anonymous (Muslim one): Last words from me on this too. I respect your decision to remain whatever you want to be including a Muslim. Actually, you sound like one of those “reformist” students in Iran. However, I’d suggest that you and your type don’t waste your breath and efforts trying to look for democracy under Islam. They are incompatible. Just ask Hajjarian. No doubt you think you know about other religions, but in your quest for “democracy” you need to learn more about Islam; the last 28 years or even the last 8 years of Khatami’s so-called reforms should have given you a clue.

By the way, apart from your ‘personal’ convictions, you haven’t given a single reason why & how you think democracy is achievable under Islam & Sharia Law. Frankly, I don’t think you understand the meaning of democracy. But, I wish you a lot of luck; you guys will need it.

Anonymous said...

i said before that it would be my last post because i could not have a discussion when people talk with hate but mr or ms sm you make to write again.
thank you for your comment.
i never said in any one of my post that i want a democracy under islam because as we have seen the mullah have democracy as long as you obey islam.
there would never be a democracy as long you mix it with religion.
do you know what the young people say that the mullah destroied our religion, each day they came with something that it has nothing with religion to do but only for their own desire.
during 28 years we have learnt that the mullah use islam for their own purpes.
the only think i want if you want to succsed is that stop mix islam with politics if you want to get some where.
mullahs says iran with out islam is dead and you guys said iran with out islam is dead. i hope you understand what i say friend
mamnonam ke be fekre khobi maha hastind ma ham be fekre khobi shoma hastim

SERENDIP said...

sm: I don't think he even understands the meaning of Islam...He is indoctrinated to not use his brains and not question his religion. He doesn't have the capacity to recognize it because he has never developed critical thinking and analysis. He is fed probably a waterdown version of Islam which doesn't resemble the real Islam. You can't really fault him for his mind has been hijacked by Islam...blind obedience is central in this ideology.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous: Yes, religion and politics shouldn’t be mixed; that’s my point too. My other point was that Islam has always been closely linked to politics, violence & war. It is the true nature of Islam and is a historical fact. You have Zartoshti friends, I’ve Muslim friends and they fully agree that Islam is and has largely been about politics, controlling all aspects of society and peoples’ lives. Islam isn’t a spiritual religion; look at the character and actions of Mohammad. And, yes, I know what many people in Iran say about Mullahs manipulating their faith. If you choose to practice Islam quietly, spiritually without imposing it & its laws on other people, and stop encouraging people to beat/hurt themselves senseless for some Arab Imam’s death, then fine. Personally, I consider myself Iranian first, not Zartoshti, Christian or Muslim and certainly won’t worship or hurt myself for a foreigner’s death, be it Arab or Spanish, etc. Hope what I’m saying is clear. Movafagh va Pirooz bashid.

Serendip: Agreed & I don’t blame them. It is hard to change old beliefs and habits and you’re bound to get major resistance. So, I’d rather see a waterdown version of Islam than a radical & political one, at least, at this stage.

azadi eshgheman said...

Please, may I ask where did you get this quotation of Khomeini? I´m looking for this kind of quotations and also the persian version of Sodour-e Enqelab az Didgah-e Imam Khomeini (Khomeini on The Exportation of Revolution).

And about Islam: I BEG all the Muslims: just READ and STUDY the history, try to know and unveil your "religion", READ ALL the Qur´an, if u have no time, mainly Sura 4 and 9, where your "merciful and compassionate" god (or actually the people who completed that book and left striking contradictions and even grammatical errors haha) ordered you to BEAT your wives (4:34) or kill or subjugate all non-muslims (9:111, 9:29 and so on). How can this book be God´s will, if he CHANGED his will several times during Mohammad´s "revelations"???
Many of you who think that you are Muslims, you don´t even know your "religion".

Aryamehr said...

Azadi, i read it in an article around the time I published the entry; i cannot remember which article it was though; sorry I should have linked it...