Friday, December 15, 2006

Remembering the service of the Imperial Iranian Armed Forces

Dear visitors and blog-readers, I've been extremely busy this past week hence not many updates on the blog. I'll pick up on a few things which I wanted to highlight these past few weeks but which I didn't have time to post.

December 4, marked the date in which the Imperial Armed Forces of Iran, under the Commander in Chief - His Late Majesty, Shahanshah Aryamehr - reclaimed Iranian soil on the Persian Gulf Islands of Abu Mussa and Greater and Lesser Tunbs. This took place 35 years ago.

CLICK HERE for a tribute to the Imperial Iranian Armed Forces.

December 7, marked the date of H.R.H. Prince Shahriyar of Iran's assasination in Paris by the Islamic Republic's terrorist hitmen. Prince Shahryiyar was an officer of the Imperial Iranian Navy, highly respected by members of the Imperial Iranian Armed Forces and considered a vital threat to the survival of the terrorist Islamic Republic.

God bless his soul.

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December 11, marked the date when troops of the Iranian Imperial Armed Forces entered Tabriz and liberated "South Azarabadegan" or South Azerbaijan from the hands of the puppet Pishevari Communist Republic. Northern territories of Iran include the artificial former Soviet Republic of Azerbaijan which were lost to Imperial Russia with the signing of the Treaty of Golestan by the incompetent and disastrous Qajar Dynasty!

We salute the Imperial Iranian Armed Forces, with the leadership of His Late Majesty, for liberating Azerbaijan on this date.

In November 1945, with Soviet backing, an autonomous "Azerbaijan People's Government" was set up in Tabriz under Jafar Pishevari, the leader of the Azerbaijani Democratic Party;a puppet government set up by the Soviets. The party, which was created by the direct order of Stalin, capitalized on some local people's dissatisfaction with centralization policies of Reza Shah. With northern Iran under Soviet occupation, Stalin made plans to "spread Socialism" by creating separatist puppet states. The Kurdish Republic of Mahabad was one such state and the Soviets also decided to create a separatist state for northern Iran's Azeri population as well.

On December 11 (1946), the Imperial Iranian Armed Forces entered Tabriz and the Peeshavari government quickly collapsed. Pishevari and his cabinet immediately fled to Soviet Union.

Dorood Bar Arteshe Shahanshahi Iran!
Dorood Bar Ravaneh Shahanshah Aryamehr!
Payandeh Baad Taaj-e Iran-Zamin
- Yashasin Azarabadegan-maa!


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