Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Thousands of Iranian students protest against the Islamic Republic in Tehran

Thousands of Iranian students protested against the Islamic Republic in Tehran on Wednesday, December 6th - which is "Students Day" in Iran. Yet again the western media went silent; all they can discuss is arguments for and against the Islamic Republic's nuclear programme - Iranian lives do not matter to politicians of England, Germany, France, USA etc. it seems. Yet again Iranians put their lives in danger to protest against the barbaric system occupying their country for 27 years and yet again there is no word of it in the western press. If you are a freedom loving human being please pass around the word of these demonstrations in Iran and these pictures. If the Main-Stream-Media will not report this WE WILL! We need to give a clear picture of the situation/environment in Iran to western publics; not the distorted and often one-sided propaganda the MSM reports.

Estimates put the participation of students at anywhere from 2000-4000, and the security forces well above 1000 personnel; this includes the regular police force which were outnumbered by the Islamist vigilantees (Basij) who are used by the regime to suppress any dissent through maximum violent and savage force.

Slogans of "Death to the Islamic Republic" written on placards were raised across the campus premises in an unprecedented action by a restive population under brutal Islamic occupation. Students are becoming more and more daring their struggle against the Islamic forces controlling their country for 27 years now. The Iranian population is a ticking bomb waiting to explode in the face of the terrorist establishment ruling them.

There were reports of small skirmishes between the Islamic Republic's security forces and Iranian students. The students were prevented by the large security presence to leave campus premises and by doing so were prevented from spreading the protest action further than the area around the university campus of Tehran University. The Islamic Republic knows that if students break through the security presence and into the streets of Tehran all HELL will break loose upon their oppressive rule and their dictatorship will be threatened.

By letting the students protest solely on the university premises the Islamic Republic protects its dictatorship. But for how long? None the less during protests the Islamic Republic's agents films and takes pictures of student leaders who will afterwards be follow any of the following consequences: detained, expelled from universtiy, imprisoned, tortured, or killed!

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Anonymous said...

Blind ambition

Reza Pahlavi is so eager to have a place in history and in Persia that he pleads with warmongers to make the innocent Iranian people suffer
Soraya Sepahpour-Ulrich

Perhaps the only merit I see in your letter is the fact that you have found yourself a better writer; your letter reflects improved articulation and clarity of style, something lacking in your previous addresses. However, the message you convey remains the same: ambition and betrayal. You write “I have repeatedly opposed any form of military action against my country as unjust and counterproductive”. I assume you mean Iran? In which case, you either have a short memory, or you delibertately lie hoping that the rest of us have a short memory. After the 9/11 terrorist attacks when the Unites States was bombing Afghanistan in retaliation for the tragedy that had befallen it, you had this to say: “[T]errorism is like an octopus whose weakness is the eyes –in Tehran. [I]f the U.S. wants to kill this octopus, it should start in Tehran.” >>>

Who is this moron?

Arian said...

Serendip, I'm no Pahlavi worshipper, I am pro-Mossedegh, however, I think what he meant when he said, "it should start in Tehran", was that Tehran (the capital of the Islamic Republic) is one of the largest supporters of terrorism in the middle east and elsewhere. I think he was actually saying that instead of invading and bombing their way through Afghanistan in order to find the terrorists, they should recognize the ROOT of such terrorist activity (the Islamic Republic) and dismember or hinder it in a non-violent way. For instance, sanctions, recognition of a terrorist regime, support for the dissidents in Iran, avoiding meaningless diplomacy, national awareness of Iran's actions, hindering Iran's funds to terrorist groups. I don't think he actually suggest that America PHYSICALLY attack Iran, but through the methods listed above. It just seems to ridiculous for him to actually support the U.S. invading Iran. And if he is so eager to have in place in Persian history, he wouldn't sacrifice the support of his constituents and supporters, becuase they surely would critize and stop supporting him if he meant such a thing.

I'm just trying to be bias, I'm not meeting any agenda. In fact I feel this man could have done much more as the heir to the Iranian throne, and in fact his BROTHER was a much better candidate but for the sake of not having in-family competition, he stepped down. If Reza Pahlavi was more like his grandfather, we wouldn't have to be having this discussion right now.

Anonymous said...

Arian: There is nothing wrong with worshipping Phalavis. My mom still cries when she watches Farah and Shah's pictures or old movies of them.

I just posted this to generate some response to her moronic accusations. She is apparently a phD candidate at University of California and studies International Relation and she is part of the CASMII group. That should be obvious for everyone who's payroll she is on.

Aryamehr said...

First of all that is not serendip's article but an idiot who lives in Salt Lake City called Soraya Sepahpour-Ulrich! who gets her bullshiite published on

Secondly I think very few people "worship" the Pahlavi's, but that a significant portion of Iranians appreciate and value their service to their country, taking into account the atmosphere they had to work in. I for one do not "worship" anyone, but do give credit where it is due.

Arian said...

Sondeborg, I have to disagree. Any kind of worship, of a leader of an idol, is very self-defeating and dangerous mentality. Worshipping automatically entails "surrender" of your free-will to that particular entity. In such a surrender, you abandon, disregard, and overlook any possible positive criticism or truth about the entity and instead use your own bias to describe that person's actions.

Aryamehr is right, you must give credit where it is due, but not yield yourself completely. If you follow history, this mentality of worship is what is destroying the heart of the middle east and it is the same mentality that gave Khomenini his power in the 1979 revolution. I don't care if the person is Cyrus the Great or Ghandi, always look at a person with a degree of skepticism, because you dont have to worship them in order to truly admire and support them.