Wednesday, July 11, 2007

On the recent police brutality in Iran...

As we all watched the horrific pictures and video-clips of the terrorist Islamic Republic's security forces beating up innocent Iranian youth under the pretext of them being "criminals and troublemakers" I think it was pretty clear from the beginning that not all of these people were what the Islamist regime wanted us to believe - now this is being confirmed with the case of Pourya and Pouya Fazlollahi; two distinguished and respected young Iranian sportsmen whose crimes were not being "rapists, criminals, or troublemakers", as was the official charge of the occupational Islamic Republic, but for exercising their inherent human rights of freedom of speech and expression which are both suppressed in Iran. Both brothers had been caught spreading flyers of Iranian King de jure Cyrus Reza Pahlavi, son of HIM Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi, who has been living in exile since the Islamists took over the country in 1979 leading to the brutal treatment which they received.

Fellow blogger and Iranian activist Potkin Azarmehr has been involved in securing Pourya's escape from Iran whilst the whereabouts of his arrested brother Pouya is still unknown. Please read Potkin's entry on this by CLICKING HERE.

Meanwhile the main-stream-media continues to echo the Islamic Republic's fraudulent charges put on prisoner's of conscience, political prisoners, and any dissenter in general who poses a threat to the illegal rule of the Islamist regime - CLICK HERE.


Anonymous said...


{My dear friend in Romanian}

A full scale armed revolt needs to happen and SOON. I congratulate Pakistan's Musharraf for ending the Red Mosque fiasco, quickly with ultimate,decisive force.

This needs to happen to Persia's occupiers, but first the Bearded Delusionists need to be removed and killed, burned maybe. Let them be purrified by fire, let them taste some true Zartosht justice!

Islam, a death cult, can only be cured by their own methods. Violence. Bullets don't lie, bullets are not Liberal and in the arm of the Just, the do great deeds of aiding Justiciae.

I want to visit Persepolis, I want to kneel before the tomb of Kuorush, let it's shaddow touch me before the setting of the burning Sun, that I may, for and instant touch history and be in the presence of that great man's phantasm.

Pache Tuturor Omenirii Juste,

Peace onto the Just;

Vlad Chel Dachik.

Winston said...

i posted a video on this terrible thing

Aryamehr said...

Dear Vlad,

As always thank you for your encouraging comments.