Friday, November 24, 2006

Kamalfar family's deportation postponed for 2 weeks!

Dear Friends & Compatriots,

For those of you who read the previous PLEA for HELPING an IRANIAN REFUGEE FAMILY and followed up on it with relevant human rights bodies and the russian government - THANK YOU!

Ana, the daughter of Ms Kamalfar, tried to commit suicide as they were about to deport the family back to occupied Iran. This desperate act, by our young compatriot, FORCED the Russian authorities to postpone the deportation. A day later the outcry, regarding the extremely poor living conditions conditions provided by the Russian government to the Kamalfar's family, and imminent deportation to the terrorist Islamic Republic FORCED the European Court of Human Rights to issue an order barring any deportation of Mrs Kamalfar and her family for at least the coming 2 WEEKS. We need to continue pressuring relevant organizations and government bodies PROTECT the Kamalfar family from being deported to Iran where their lives would be in danger.

The MSM has also been FORCED to report on this with CNN covering it today. Please see the below report by PyjamasMedia - many thanks to PM's dedicated work for the Iranian Nation; suffering under occupation of a brutal Islamic force.

This is a big punch in the mouths of the Islamic Republic's lackey's in the west and the leaders of the occupational Islamic regime in Iran. We will not let them take this family away from us.

CLICK HERE for PM's report.



blank said...

Keep blowing the trumpet and sounding the alarm. It is time to shine a world-wide light on the silly regime.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update

Anonymous said...

Considering all these Human Right organizations and advocates in the world receiving billions of $ annually and Kamalfar family situation being exposed world wide, how could this helpless family still be trapped in that hell hole. Makes you wonder.


Anonymous said...

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