Sunday, November 12, 2006

Dialogue of civilizations...

Remember how Mullah Khatami began claiming that there should be a "dialogue amongst civilizations" when he got appointed to the Islamic Republic's presidency? An idea which Her Imperial Highness the Empress of Iran had put into practice in the 1970's - BEFORE the 2nd Arabo-Muslim occupation of Iran (1979-Present)!

Also do you remember how the shameless European governments and mostly Democrats in the United States got/are hung up on this so-called "dialogue amongst civilizations"? In this case "dialogue amongst civilizations" should read "appeasement of oppressive and terrorist regime's".

Well here is that "dialogue of civilizations" in Iran itself. Here is that government, which these European and American government officials would like to conduct a "dialogue amongst civilizations" with - fully engaged with a "dialogue of civilization" with the OCCUPIED people of Iran itself!

Arabo-Muslim culture vs Iranian culture. Oppression vs Freedom...

I just hope that ordinary Europeans can look beyond the propaganda that the Main-Stream-Media feeds them and see the TRUTH. I hope that they can see how their shameless governments are assisting and prolonging the oppressive rule of the occupational Islamic Republic.



Arian said...

its unforunate that in spite of being completely aware of this situation in iran, veto-holding countries like russia and china still move for "dialogue" and not sanctions of the IRI, just to protect their own selvish interests. and as far as americas' are concerned, republicans want to bomb us and democrats want to wait long enough for iran to build the bomb itself..."dialogue of civilizations"...what an insult.

SERENDIP said...

Khatami is the Iranian Joseph Goebble of Nazi Germany.

Collection of Goebble's Propaganda Articles:

Anonymous said...

Sorry I didn't get the point in your post! What's the relationship between Dialogue Amongst Civilisations and women being beaten up in the street by Basij?

Basij and the revolutionary committee do not recognise any sort of dialogue, they are neither under the control of people nor khatami. But on the other hand you cannot stop or humilate the dialogue and cultural exchange between people of Iran and Europe/US!

It's exactly your small type of brain that stops Iranian students from getting visas for European and American universities. Just because we have Khamenei and Basij and just because they oppress people, American and European governments also have to stop the dialogue and further oppress people even more.

Wake up pal

Aryamehr said...

Ahhhh, the presence of HEZBOLLAH thugs and ISLAMISTS have been dearly missed on this blog, thank you for trying to fill that gap. You must be the Hezbollah Representative in Europe/USA? Correct? Or are you just another shameless and honorless mouthpiece like Siamak Zand (see other entries)?

In any case there is not much of a difference other than perhaps physical looks - inside both are rotten to the core.

Your pathetic attempt to seperate your reformist ACTOR Mullah Khatami from the rest of the establishment will not work on here - nor anywhere else if responsible Iranians decide to confront it.

Yes your reformist ACTOR was able to fool Iranians in 1997 with "reformist" slogans. But 8 years on his track record of oppression, murder, and mockery of freedom-loving students speaks for itself. Don't try to come here and play your game of "reformist vs conservative". These two ACTORS - reformist and conservatives - are both BULL-SHIITE that needs to be dispensed of - is that understood?

The last person the term "culture" should be heard from is from you band of thugs! whose only culture is that of desert Bedouins famous for burying new-born daughters! then "civilized" by "Islam" to treat them as sub-humans rather than kill them! Please don't come here and lecture us on culture.

These pictures are the essence of your ISLAMIC REPUBLIC - whether you admit it or not. You seem to be a coward in sheep's clothing so I do not expect you to admit your support and service to this dictatorship. If it wasn't for your band of thugs i.e. Basij, Revolutionary Guards and all other forces of oppression at your disposal you'd be CRUSHED by the wrath of an entire nation- who has for the past 27 years endured your lies, deceits, torture, and oppression! Not only in Iran but even in Europe and America! Or if you take into account the larger picture as I tried to touch upon in my latest entry - 1400 years!

Know this that wherever you mouthpieces of this filthy regime show up there will be an Iranian with dignity and honor to confront you.

Anonymous said...

LOL you rushed so fast that you totally forgot to answer my question:

Why should people be oppressed both by the iranian regime in the name of religion, and by the west in the name of ban of dialogue? if people are suffering inside the country shouldn't US or Europe open up a bit and try to talk to them/accommodate them/help them/educate them?

A little bit of logic won't go too far :)

Aryamehr said...

Your narrowing everything down to the issue of student-exchanges. Even in this area you are not justified in blaming anyone but your masters in the Islamic Republic! They are the ones who are a terrorist state financing, harbouring, and creating terrorist organizations! So it is only NATURAL for the United States to sever ties with such a state and in the area of student exchanges they do not want Hezbollahi kids like yourself infiltrate their country under the guise of being "students"! As for genuine Iranian students they will have to suffer because of the occupational regime in their country. There are no ifs and buts.

There is only one solution to this and that is the destruction & removal of the entirety of the Islamic Republic.