Sunday, November 05, 2006

arab ra be jayee residast kar ke takhte kiani konad arezoo...

The title of this post is from a poem by the great Iranian poet Ferdowsi.
Please read this wonderful pieace by a dear compatriot of ours:

aahaay mardom biyaaeed, mollaa mooshak paroondeh!
ze bahre jang o davaa haaji yaghe daroondeh!

az manbare dozaari taa takhte paadeshaahi
mollaa mioon bor zadeh be daste hezbollahi!

mollaa ke rahbar shodeh donyaa khar too khar shodeh!
chaaghoo keshaa re-ees o, mellat dar bedar shodeh!

aahaay donyaa bebinin, aakhoonde maa zerange
baa lashgare hezbollah baa harkasi mijange!

mooshakhaaye rangaarang, bombhaaye az hameh rang
ghaayegh daarim parandeh, harke marde biyaad jang!

mollaa poshtesh be allaast, esme kharesh hezbollast
eslaam piyaadeh kardeh, baa zoor o zarb o aaghaast!

agar khatar pish biyaad poolesh negahdaareshe
harjaa niyaazi baashe, felestini yaareshe!

mooshak daareh in havaa! ghaayegh nagoo, parandeh!
yankee kaaresh tamoomeh, doreh mollaa resideh!

az enghelaab gozashteh, eslaam saader mikoneh
agar baa mooshak nashod, baa yek ghaater mikoneh!

Sohrab Ferdows



Aryamehr said...

Hey matt,

After having read your message I wrote up this post (see below) on several of the sites where I have posted this proposal. What do you say?


I'm thinking that if anyone supports the message of this letter they should send a copy of it (once we've agreed that it's complete) to the respective news outlets themselves.

What does everyone else think?

This way they will be overwhelmed by emails from different people, blogs, websites, and organizations which will also prove that I haven't simply listed a bunch of names and organizations as signatories without their authorization.

I think this way will be the most effective way to get our message across. Does anyone disagree?

Aryamehr said...

Btw you just landed yourself a place under my "Blog Links (Other)" links! Congrats! lol

Anonymous said...

"arab ra be jayee residast kar ke takhte kiani konad arezoo..."

Nowadays, I'd say:

arab ra be jayee residast kar ke takhte jahani konad arezoo.