Friday, November 17, 2006

IRI mouthpieace in Sweden and Swedish professor appeasing the Islamic Republic!

Two friends of mine in Sweden, the Khoshnood brothers, have some news-worthy updates on their blogs.

1) Arvin Khoshnood has challenged a Swedish MEDICAL PROFESSOR, who recently visited Iran and made political statements upon his return in favour of the tyrannical Islamic regime, to a debate. Amongst the statements this MEDICAL PROFESSOR has made are defending the Islamic Revolution and stating that the Islamic Republic has improved social life in Iran considerably, compared to before the revolution!

A link to this public challenge/letter (in Swedish) can be found by CLICKING HERE.

The biggest Iranian e-magazine in Scandinavia interviewed the Khoshnood brothers on this and the persian text can be found by CLICKING HERE.

2) Ardavan Khoshnood earlier this year filed a formal suit, with the Swedish police, against a shameless IRI tool in Sweden named Reza Khelili accusing him of crimes on three points:

-Not paying his TV license
-Trying to deceive the Swedish state with his polygamy activities

Reza Khelili is member of the Swedish "Moderate Party" (Moderaterna) who won the elections this year.

One of the largest newspapers in Sweden - Expressen - has an article regarding the suit against this IRI supporter/mouthpiece in Sweden:



SERENDIP said...

Amazing, the regime has agents everywhere and buys supporters with money.

Anonymous said...

"">THIS BLOG takes your entry on Siamak Zand

Aryamehr said...

Thanks. I had contacted Mrs Klinghoff earlier, i'm grateful that she mentions our protest letter.

Aryamehr said...