Sunday, November 19, 2006

Iranian REFUGEES suffering unbearable conditions at Moscow Airport!

That the day would come when we would speak of IRANIAN REFUGEES must have been taken as an insult or at best a joke by the late Shah of Iran! But here we are! 27 years after His Majesty was betrayed by his people and so-called allies in Europe and America - speaking of the inhumane conditions Iranian refugees, who have fled the Islamic Republic from HELL occupying their country, have to endure!

Iranian REFUGEES stranded at Moscow Airport for months!!! enduring unbearable living conditions!!!

Where are the LA Iranian TV's when it comes to the Kamalfar family?!
Where are the Iranians who care for the plight of their own people!?

Please raise awareness on the Kamalfar family's cause and situation and do all in your power to HELP them!

Hear Mrs Kamalfar's PLEA FOR HELP:

Sign this petition for whatever it's worth:

Contact Amnesty International for whatever it's worth:

Contact the UNHCHR for whatever it's worth:

Contact the MEDIA and your representatives in GOVERNMENT!

If a University of a few thousand can organize a rally for ONE of its students (dis-regarding the circumstances) what can a nation of 70 million do for this family!!?? We shall see!!!

Don't just sit there! Do something!


See Azarmehr's entry on this as well by CLICKING HERE.

Ardeshir Dowlat reports on his blog:

Iranian refugee family stranded at Moscow Airport for months suffering unbearable conditions!


An Iranian refugee family has been imprisoned in the Russian capital for 18 months. Zahra Kamalfar is an Iranian citizen made a refugee claim, together with her two minor children, Ana (DOB 1367-11-02) and Davood (DOB 1373-3-25) through UNHCR in Russia on or about May 3, 2005.

Originally, Zahra and the children were being kept at a hotel at the airport. However, several months ago, they were evicted from the hotel and forced to sleep in the open terminal. They have not had access to shower facilities and are restricted to public toilets.

Zahra and her husband were involved in demonstrations in Iran in the year 2000. In July 8 2004, Zahra was arrested and held in jail. Zahra was in jail for 8 months. Then she was released on a 48 hour pass to visit her family. She immediately fled Iran with her two children on April 6 2005. She and her two children went to Turkey on a false Bulgarian passport arranged by a smuggler. Zahra and her children then traveled from Turkey, transiting through Russia on their way to Germany. When they arrived in Germany, the authenticity of their passports was questioned. Zahra made asylum claims but their asylum claims were refused by German immigration authorities and then they were sent back to Russia. When they returned to Russia, they were detained by the Russian authorities. The Russian authorities then assaulted her and her daughter. The Russian authorities want to send Zahra and her children back to Iran. Zahra is afraid to return to Iran as she believes she will be sent to jail and run the risk of rape, torture and possibly death. She also fears her daughter will be at risk of being sexually assaulted and raped.

The Russian authorities now want to deport the family to Iran; something that the family is convinced will be devastating to their lives and safety. The Russian authorities are imposing pressure on the family by having them stranded in the transit hall of the Moscow International Airport for months, denying them all access to the most basic needs, including shower, proper food, etc. Regardless of the legalities of their case, this is a clear breach of all human rights principles.

Russia acceded to the 1951 Refugee Convention in 1993. As a signatory to the 1951 Refugee Convention, Russia is responsible for carrying out the refugee status determination procedure and granting asylum to those people who are entitled to it.

We strongly urge the Russian immigration authorities and UNHCR in Russia to review Miss Zahra Kamalfar's case and grant her and her children refugee recognition based on her well-founded fear of future persecution and execution.



Winston said...

Really Sad

Anonymous said...

Very sad, I've emailed the link to every body I know. All people should flood the russian embassy with emails. Thank you for informing us.

SERENDIP said...

It is truly tragic and infurating at the same time.

Can you read my post "strategic Suicie" and add to the list if you can think of anything else. Thanks.

Shiro_Khorshid said...

This is very unfortunate, like many other things going on in Iran. I have send emails to all the links you posted and also the Russian Embassy. Please let us know if you recieve any further information.