Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Iranian students warn AhmadiNejad and the Islamist establishment that they cannot stop them!

"Aghaye Ahmadinejad! Ma tormoze ghatare jonbeshe daneshjooyi ra kandeim!

Iranian students have been holding protests against the illegal detentions of tens of their fellow students, apprehended by Islamist security forces on charges relating to "endangering national security"!

The above placard reads: "Mr AhmadiNejad! We have torn off the brakes of the students movements' train!". This is in reply to the occupying Islamic Republic's statements that "the regime's nuclear technology progress is like a train whose brakes have been removed"!

It's a very tense time in Iran with workers, students, academics... being arrested on charges of "endangering national security" and things will only get tenser from here on. Next month is the anniversary of the savage and unprecedented attack on Tehran University students (July 9, 1999) who were attacked in their sleep by club/knife wielding Islamists of the state apparatus, leading to several deaths! This event sparked the largest anti-regime demonstrations ever experienced in the 28 year long Islamist occupation and has been marked each year with demonstrations by student-activists.

More power to the Iranian freedom movement.


Anonymous said...

Good evenning to all of you friends, i support all the great heroic irannian students in iran and i am with you we are watching every moove that these terrorists ahmadinejad and the mollahs and the passdaran are doing,as i always told you my fellow students i am working hard with millions of supporters for you to give your big demonstrations,and we will bring ahmadinejad the irannian terrorist and all those wanted by the interpol like rafsanjani and his fellow terrroist who bombed the cynagogue in argentina.long live freedom. may god always be with you, and khoda poshto panahetoun.as a quote of Reza Shah our hero the father of our beloved majesty told his son as hichi va as hichkassi natarsin.tirdad gharib global political martial artist in tennesse usa.

SERENDIP said...

Aryamehr jan: Where are you? Hope you're doing fine.

Aryamehr said...


I'm here =) I just won't be as active as i've been during the past month's due to other commitments that I will be having during the summer months.

Anonymous said...

Ahmadinejad's Anti-Semitism

If you want to know the real roots of Ahmadinejad's Anti-Semitism beliefs, you should check out this article...it describes in detail his Nazi-like education in Iran:


Long live Shah!

Merhdad Z.