Saturday, June 23, 2007

Islamic Republic's thugs (intelligence agents) in Europe

I do not support any factions of the terrorist Mojahedin organization (MKO, NCROI + all of its umbrella/lobby organizations...). However I'd like to highlight these video-clips which show how the savage intelligence agents of the terrorist Islamic Republic occupying Iran are free to operate in European countries and how they even utilize the same barbaric tactics (knife wielding) used on innocent Iranians inside Iran. France has been a country where these terrorists have been allowed to operate freely ever since the French governments shameful coverup (in the early 1990's) after the killing of PM Shahpour Bakhtiar by hit squads sent by the Islamic Republic.

I do believe that not all members of the Mojahedin are fully aware of that organization's history and/or current activities and I also believe that certain members might have joined that organization out of desperation because they have seen it as the only ARMED organization which is combating the Islamic Republic occupying Iran.

Please view these video-clips (in persian) of the terrorist Islamic Republic's intelligence agents attacking Iranian refugees in Paris (France) with knives and pepper-spray:



Anonymous said...

Aryamehr jan: this is so heartbreaking. When is their reign of terror going to end?

Anonymous said...

Good evenning to all of you. the bastards of the republic islamic of iran, and those irannian agents of the terrorist ahmadinejad and the mollahs, who went and stabbed that young man in paris,you 3 are bastards and i have all of your names and where you came from,to all those compatriots, to even that gentlmen in the hospital i am willing to help you,just please remember, those who are for our beloved late majesty care about you,and alot of you have been brainwashed by the communist maryam rajavi and massoud rajavi,please know you have someone in this world you have god almighty and remember i pray that you get well in paris in the hospital and nicolas sarkozy is a great man in france.if you need help let me know, god bless our beloved late majesty, that i love from all of my heart.these islamic terrrorist ahmadinejad and the their terrorist are trembling, and i promiss all of you dear compatriots i am working very hard to bring the government of these islamic mollahs and their terrrorist to justice sincerlly tirdad gharib.

Anonymous said...

Good evenning to all of you and Mr Aryamehr thanks for this comment, it is indeed important to know that young people and older people are brainwashed every day,i myself always loved Reza Shah the great and my late beloved imperial majesty the king of kings. friends are those who will tell and or critizize in a very nice way,at their presence to each other without stabing their baacks,and as a strong republican conservatives i do have friends who are democrats. to all those people who do not really know maryam rajavi she is MEK leader mujahedineh kHalgh or the peoples mujahedin of iran markist islamist which is a cult. maryam rajavi is exactlly like the facist mollahs .hezbollah hammass etcc , i can have my differences with by best friend but we are civilized and through dialogue is where we can reach our point, and free iran from these facist corupt terroist ahmadinejad and the mollahs dialogue between us not them, i meant, to all the people in the world and europe from london to paris to all over the mollhas agents are from good looking young girls to shaved young boys to elderlly wearing a flag of our majesty to pretend to trap you please be very carefull who you talk to and as a friend i wanted to let all my dear compatriots know that, god bless all of you, tirdad gharib USA.

Anonymous said...

This is the outcome of Modernistic Liberalism in Europe, Aryamehr. This video is proof that a modernistc/consumeristic society cannot exist in our modern times, because criminals will take full advantage of it.

Why are these thugs allowed to go free, when clearly they are commiting an actual crime which is assault with weapons ? It's because of the Liberal bureaucratic system of un-law that permeates my dear Europe.

Do you honestly believe, that if France still had conservative French values, these thugs wouldn't end up on the guillotene? I believe so, because France still used the guillotene on violent offenders up until 1960 I believe, even a few pro-Nazi Frenchmen were executed by that method.

It makes me sick, Europe is becoming a soft lamb ready for slaughter at the hands of all sorts of criminals, why? Because justice is not justice anymore. I'm not just talking about Islamists but all sorts of Terrorists, the ETA {Basque Separatist Movement} is still blowing people up and assassinating them in Spain, and they are anti-islamic. The Irish Republican Army still exists in Northern Ireland, they have planned to "dissarm" but so did the ETA, until they struck again, their words on disarming were tactics of easing off the government just so that they could regroup.

It all boils down to this; Humanitarianism to the deserving and Firmness in the face of crime and injustice. What else can save a society? Liberalism? Really? look at what it allows to continue, I'm telling you my Friend, unmoderated Liberalism is a quick trip into Anarchy if it continues to run any society. We need a common sense, non oppresive humanitarian secularism, or we ALL need to move back to the forests and live in caves or in a tree for the good Liberalism will do us, for animals are less opressed than law-biding citizens under an uncaring bureauocracy.

Vlad Chel Dachik