Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Update and a Challenge

It's been bothering me (looking at my "clustermap" of country-specific visits) that nobody in Russia has visited my blog, so now i'm on a mission to get at least one visit from Russia! Russia the large Imperial Power, the vast Communist Empire, that has caused Iran so much harm and pain - everything from taking our land (Qajar's are to blame for that too!) and planting the seeds of their hideous communist ideology during the Pahlavi Era; the very same Russia that is today assisting the mad mullah's in acquiring nuclear weapons and assisting the mullah's in their continued oppression and torture of the Iranian people.
Any help in achieving this mission is greatly appreciated! I want to see dots all over Moscow on the clustermap so that I know people there KNOW that WE KNOW.

I also plan to get at least one visit from the below countries:

North Korea (partner in crime of the IRI)
Venezuela (partner in crime of the IRI)
Afghanistan (to see if they have internet connection over there lol)

Let it begin!!!

P.S. There might not be too much activity on the blog these next few days but i'm hoping to be able to pay more attention to the blog from Sunday onwards.


Anonymous said...

Salam. Merci az zahmathayetan ba site khoobetan. Shoma Suedi balad hastid? Agar ari, Be blog man sar bezanid.

Winston said...

Two things

Ganji urges change at home.

Prince Reza criticizes the western offer to mullahs

azadi eshgheman said...

Salam, I don't think you could EVER get a visit from North Corea. I have read a report about the life there from a maverick clandestine hungarian reporter Tvrtko Vujity. I remained petrified for a couple of days and those images returned to me even at night. You can not even dream about the internet there. Things there remained as they were in the 1950's (i'm not joking), except that now they have nukes.