Wednesday, June 28, 2006

In Memory of H.E. Prime Minister Shapour Bakthiar of Iran

UPDATE: Please see Dr Shapour Bakhtiar interview with an Iranian journalist by clicking HERE.

His Excellency the late Prime Minister of Iran, Dr Shapour Bakhtiar was brutally assasinated by agents of the Islamic Republic occupying Iran, at his home in Paris in August 1991. The chilling story of his betrayal by some members in his closest circle of supporters and the ultimate killing of this fine Iranian patriot can be further read upon amongst several different newspaper clips that this website, dedicated to the memory of the late Prime Minister, has put up for all to view. Dr Bakhtiar was 76 years old at the time of his cowardly, yet so Islamic, assasination.

An excerpt from one of the articles recounts the brutal assasination of Dr Shapour Bakhtiar:

one of the two men struck Bakhtiar with a paralyzing blow to the throat, possibly with a forearm chop, crushing the older man's larynx. He could neither cry for help nor breathe.

Then, with a butcher knife and bread knife retrieved from Bakhtiar's kitchen, they stabbed him 13 times in the neck and shoulders -- then cut his throat. They also cut his wrists and removed Bakhtiar's Rolex watch as "a trophy," police said, to prove they had accomplished their mission.

Bakhtiar was dead when his secretary returned from the terrace and was similarly slain. Calmly and efficiently, exhibiting uncommon discipline and professional skill, the assailants cleaned up the most visible signs of blood on their clothing. The knives were returned to the sink. The phone was taken off the hook.

A scanned interview by Newsweek with Dr Shapour Bakhtiar (July 30, 1984) can be viewed HERE.

Dr Shapour Bakthiars undying and patriotic soul lives on. It has been entrusted to the new generation of Iranians to pursue the path of our fallen soldiers and patriots who have given their lives to serve Iran and Iranians! Let their memories strengthen our resolve in uprooting the hell-sent Islamist occupation of our motherland! Let their efforts for a free Iran set a historical precedent for future generations never to allow such a tragic event as the 1979 Islamist takeover of Iran to ever occur again.

We salute our fallen heroes and take an oath to follow in their footsteps serving our motherland Iran.

The Islamic Republic occupying Iran is a terrorist regime and has to go in its entirety!



Winston said...

Nobody listened to him and his warnings and now we're stuck with a terrorist regime

Winston said...

HAVE YOU SEEN THIS interview of PM Bakhtiyar ?

Aryamehr said...

Thank you Winston for the link!

Azarmehr said...

Well done for putting this up. It was Dr. Bakhtiar's ideas that got me involved in politics. I hope I will always remain yekrang like him.

Winston said...

No problem!

Chester said...

Thanks for the informative post

Anonymous said...

Not only should the Islamic Regime and it cronies go but also all the taazian and taaziparastan.

Second Arab invasion of Iran indeed! I really don't care Israel taking good care of these kesafatan in their part of the world.

I only recently discovered your blog and will continue reading it.

Anonymous said...

I was in IRAN in 1979 it was hopless that filhty scum mulla would not let the Iranian people think for one minute all he did is pollute the peoples mind with his Tazi trash mouth and of course the left helped a lot.Bakhthiar was a rare man at the time a man who knew the enemy.