Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Anjomane Padeshahi Iran - Protest Action Paris

Coverage in french:

Yesterday supporters of Anjomane Padeshahi Iran (Kingdom Assemby of Iran) staged a protest in Paris. SarbazeKuchak has an entry on this that I would like to share:

Symbolic Iranian Flag atop Arc de Triomphe in the French Capital

On Tuesday June 13, 2006, in the latest phase of the continuing operation Tondar (“Thunder”) One, supporters of the anti-Islamist monarchist group Kingdom Assembly of Iran (Anjomane Padeshahi) ascended to the top of Paris’ 165 feet tall Arc de Triomphe monument with the intention of informing the world of their cause and the plight of the people of Iran.

In this, the latest act by the Iranian group, the message was intended for the governments of Russia and China. On a banner unfurled from the top of the monument these states were warned to stop supporting the Islamic Republic; that Iran, rich in natural resources, has no need for the worthless imports from Russia and China; that Iranians do not want a second Chernobyl on their soil.

Next to the banner, the two Iranian activists, named “Mehr’Azin” and “Babak”, had also placed the historical and symbolic flag called Derafshe Kaviani, the last Iranian flag before the 6th century Moslem invasion. This was perhaps the first time that this flag has been seen at such heights in the French capital.

The protest ended about 45 minutes ago without any arrests. The French police did not meet the participants in an aggressive or violent manner.

In the next few days a 10-hour program about this protest will be broadcasted by Anjomane Padeshahi’s Your TV satellite channel.

SarbazeKuchak has also made a recording of Dr Fooladvand, the spokesperson of Anjomane Padeshahi Iran, interview with Mr Azeri of KRSI (Radio Sedaye Iran) in which telephone is established with the two demonstrators. You can LISTEN TO THE CLIP HERE.

My heartfelt thanks goes out to these patriots. God bless them and more power to them in achieving the goal we are all fighting for - FREEING IRAN!



Anonymous said...

درود بر آريامهر

BBC News: 15 June 2006:

پیشنهاد فروش نفت ارزان به کشورهای فقیر از سوی ایران

داود دانش جعفری، وزیر اقتصاد ایران، از تشکیل کمیته ای برای بررسی فروش نفت ارزان به کشورهای فقیر خبر داده که در آن نمایندگانی از وزارتخانه های نفت، اقتصاد و سازمان مدیریت و برنامه ریزی حضور دارند.این کمیته در پی پیشنهاد محمود احمدی نژاد، رئیس جمهوری ایران، تشکیل شده است که گفته بود: "برای عادلانه شدن و کاهش فشار قیمت نفت بر کشورهای ضعیف، صندوقی برای حمایت از آنها تشکیل می شود."به گفته وزیر اقتصاد ایران،! هنوز طرح اجرایی مشخصی برای این پیشنهاد تهیه نشده و اگر قرار باشد که این پیشنهاد عملی شود باید از طریق کمک هایی که ایران به صندوق اوپک می کند دنبال شود.به گفته آقای دانش جعفری این کمک ها نقدی خواهد بود و بحث عرضه نفت ارزان به کشورهای فقیر مطرح نیست.

به نظر شما نفت ايران ارث باباي ايناست؟

Anonymous said...

Isn't France the same nation provided all means to khomeini to prevail?they even provided an Air-France boeing 747 for ayatolli to fly to Iran while president by then Valleri Jicscar De Stainn (spelling??) asked for Shah of Iran's head on a plate before he left for summit G5?
How could I trust these ppl ??letting us climb up there and hang our flag while they are the main culprit 4 what happened in 1979 in Iran. The question is what has changed ever since?? Is France on our side again?? when they provided Iraq with the most advanced possible War apparatus during Iran Iraq war??
Sorry!! thanks but no thanks, specially talking about French ppl.

Anonymous said...

Iranians must not trust Europians,Americans,Russians,Chinese,Arabs and above all islamo fascists!They all have it in for us Iranians they want our blood for the benefit of themselves.Mad Mulla Air France plane is in IRAN now.Mad mulla plane and his house and shrine will be burnt and raised to the ground!