Friday, June 09, 2006


UPDATE: You can view a recent interview with Amir-Abbas Fakhravar on VOA (Voice of America) by following this link (realplayer) or this link (media player)


Are you looking for a leader(s)?
Are you looking for new inspiration?
Are you looking for new blood to lead Iran into the future?

Amir-Abbas Fakhravar, a young Iranian freedom fighter has dedicated his life for the freedom of Iran! He has been able to escape the Islamic Republic and is in Washington seeking SUPPORT! Will you support him? Are you going to sit idle and let these LIONS face the enemy on their own? While you BLOW yet another OPPORTUNITY?!

There are people WILLING to lead. They HAVE the CAPABILITY to lead. They are the bright future that COULD await us. What will you do with this future? Will you embrace it? Sit idle and do nothing?! What will you do!? What are you willing to do for your country? What are you willing to do so that future generations don't have to grow up in an Islamic hell-hole like the Islamic Republic!? Are you READY to perform your patriotic duty to your motherland? Amir-Abbas Fakhravar and many other Iranian students are READY, but they need SUPPORT. Are YOU ready!?

The decisions you make today will shape the future of tomorrow!



Winston said...

he's good but the interviews were in Persian!

I do hope to see him leading the people to a free Iran

Anonymous said...

Doost gerami, mikhastam ahang favourite khod ra be shoma taghdim konam. Adress ahang:

Azarmehr said...

Fakhravar's chosen Iranian name is Siavash, I always call him by that.