Saturday, July 11, 2009

Peaceful Iranian protestors in Cyprus attacked and detained by Cypriot police!

Cypriot police on order by their government disperse and arrest a small peaceful protest by Iranian exiles against the terrorist Islamic Republic - economic ties with a murderous terrorist regime is worth more to the cypriot government than human life and they make it clear with this visible public action of theirs which they do not try to conceal. Iranians inside Iran are being attacked and tortured inside their own country now Cyprus has to add to the flames and attack us abroad as well?! Is there nowhere we can be free?! Shame on the government of Cyprus and the Cypriot police! If any cypriots reads this and have more insights to this particular action please share your comments.

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FearlessDream said...

These bastards are no different than the basiji thugs in Iran!

Thank you for keeping us updated. I have just created a video for Iranians on YouTube that includes a partial timeline of events that have taken place in Iran the past few weeks. I hope you will take a look and pass it on: Iranian Protests Timeline